Kate Middleton With A Black Eye: Duchess Used In Sick Online Skincare Advert

Kate Middleton is constantly in the spotlight as the subject of both real and fake news, however, recent photos and headlines that have shown up online have taken the fake news side of things a step too far. Gossip publications often attempt to share supposed shocking details about celebrities' lives and relationships, yet most are debunked and turn out to be false.

A recent headline and photo that has turned up online has clearly been doctored via photoshop and pictures the Duchess of Cambridge with a black eye, implying domestic violence. With the words "exclusive" printed across the story, the headline reads "Kate finally reveals what caused the dispute."

The image shows Middleton with her head pointing slightly downward and shading around her right eye to appear as thought it is bruised.

Upon clicking the link, readers are taken to the site of a skincare line which attempts to promote their latest product still using the Duchess as a selling point, stating Kate is set to " spend time away from the Royal Family to campaign for breakthrough skincare line!"

The said skincare line advertises using this sick manner to draw in viewers and claims that their product is "a hostile to maturing cream which resembles a gift to every one of those lady who had been in an urgent look for a cure of their maturing signs."

The ad has been met with shock and has been slammed, understandably. The Daily Star relays words of professor Dr Lauren Rosewarne of the University of Melbourne, who has some clear criticism regarding the marketing strategy by the skincare brand.

"There should be no place for references or allusions to domestic violence as part of any marketing strategy," Rosewarne stated.

Upon further investigation, the Mirror has learned that the skincare line, which has used this terrible tactic to draw in viewers to their site, is named Junivive. However, customers who have gone on to purchase creams from the brand, have indicated that they have been scammed out of money

Contact with reps for the skincare line has been impossible, seeing as no details are listed on the site. Therefore no comment has been given on the side of Junivive.

Kate Middleton and Prince William continue to be a loving couple and star parents to their little ones, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Although always the subject of ridiculous claims, this attempt by the skincare line to attract consumers is grossly out of line.

[Featured Image by Andrew Matthews – WPA Pool/Getty Images]