‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3: Release Date, Spoilers, Bob Odenkirk On Saul Goodman

Better Call Saul has been renewed for a third season and it’s being filmed in New Mexico. Whether Jimmy will turn into Saul Goodman in the next installment is yet to be determined.

Better Call Saul Season 3 will be released in 2017. While the airdate is yet to be confirmed, based on the schedule of the first two seasons fans can expect Better Call Saul release date to be February 2017.

The Season 2 finale of Better Call Saul ended with a cliffhanger that could have serious consequences for Jimmy McGill.

Slippin’ Jimmy underestimated his brother Chuck who went to great length to record a confession. After releasing Chuck from the hospital, Jimmy felt that coming clean with aid in his recovery and admitted to forging the Mesa Verde documents to help Kim Wexler get back the deal.

Many fans suspect that Chuck’s next move will be crucial in Jimmy’s transformation to Saul. There is no doubt that Chuck and Jimmy’s relationship will play a big role in Better Call Saul Season 3.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bob Odenkirk who plays Jimmy/Saul spoke about Chuck and Jimmy’s relationship. He believes that fans should focus on Howard and Kim.

“Look at the people caught between them. That’s who matters. And that’s certainly Kim and also Howard, I think. I really do think Howard’s kind of caught in between them too. He just doesn’t hate Jimmy on anything like the level — I don’t think he hates Jimmy at all. Chuck’s the ones who’s all wrapped up in it. At some point, it’s going to be a problem for him that his lead lawyer who he relies on so much is just obsessed, just kind of losing it with obsession over his brother. So the people in between them are the question of what happens, more than anything.”

So far we have had some Breaking Bad character reprisals and one of the most hyped returns is Gus Fring. A fan figured out that the first letter to each episode of the second season teased Gus’s return.

However, it is likely that Gus will maintain the low-profile he was known for in Breaking Bad. Co-creator of both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul Vince Gilligan hinted that Gus may appear in few episodes and describes him as arguably the most brilliant character on the show.

According to The Independent, Vince Gilligan talks about Gus and hints that fans of the series should have realistic expectations.

“This is a character who is very circumspect. Very cautious. He does not reveal himself easily. He makes people work to get to him as we saw him make Walter White work very hard and jump through a great many hoops to get to face-to-face with him in Breaking Bad.”

In Better Call Saul Season 3, it is likely that we see Mike and Jimmy work together more on some illegal activity.

Jimmy, Mike, and the Salamanca’s will likely find themselves in a situation that begins Jimmy’s transformation to Saul Goodman.

Important characters like Kim Wexler play a crucial role in Jimmy’s life and decision making. Since she doesn’t appear in Breaking Bad, Kim’s influence on Jimmy is the most mysterious.

Not much of Saul Goodman’s life was revealed on Breaking Bad. However, many fans suspect that the conniving lawyer did not have much of a life in Albuquerque.

Jesse Pinkman is also more likely to make an appearance due to his involvement in the meth trade before meeting Walter White.

Aaron Paul has teased his character’s potential return but there is no confirmation yet.

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