Staff In Kim Kardashian Robbery Finally Talks, Reveals Shocking Security Lapses

The concierge who took the masked robbers to Kim Kardashian’s room where she was robbed of over $11 million in jewelry has broken his silence for the first time, Daily Mail is reporting.

The Algerian man who only wished to be addressed by his first name, Abdulrahman revealed that he was on duty at the high luxury Paris apartment in early October when the jewel thieves stormed the building and demanded that he take them to Kim’s room.

The father-of-one said he had pretended not to know who the reality TV star was, but was grabbed by the neck and forced to open her door with his spare key. The concierge confirmed Kim was manhandled by the men upon entry.

“I went up to the apartment with the robbers. I was tied up with handcuffs. I was in the room of Kim Karadashian. One was attacking her…the second one was with me. I saw Kim being pulled out of bed.”

Abdulrahman said he pleaded with the robber who yanked Kim roughly out of her bed not to hurt her and was forced to serve as an interpreter to calm the screaming Kardashian.

“I told him, ‘I ask you, don’t hurt her, He told me ‘don’t worry, we are here for money…keep calm and all will be OK. Don’t move or make a sound.”’

Abdulrahman who is planning on suing the management said he had been complaining about the shocking security lapses at the Hôtel de Pourtalès for six years and warned that guests were at serious risk of being harmed, but his bosses never took him seriously.

The 39-year-old man who revealed that he was more of a security man rather than a concierge said the security access codes to the front door of the hotel had not changed in years and everyone knew it.

“I told them years ago that we needed better security…they didn’t care…the code of the door was never changed and everybody knew what it was.”

An investigation by the Daily Mail confirmed that the access codes were still the same, weeks after the robbery. A correspondent for the media outlet used the code that had not been changed in six years to enter the building and reached the reception area unchallenged.

An infuriated Abdulrahman also said there had been no CCTV cameras at the hotel since 2010, adding that for as long as he could remember, there was always only a solitary guard on duty. In an even more incredible disclosure, the North African man said Kim Kardashian’s apartment was accessed by a wooden door with a Yale lock with no bolt on the inside to guard against interlopers.

Police sources said the management of the hotel had deliberately not installed surveillance cameras because they wanted to protect the privacy of their wealthy and influential clients who might not want to be caught on camera with certain types of people.

The North Algerian man recalled that the masked men had conned themselves into the hotel around 2:35 a.m. He said he saw three men dressed in police uniform at the glass entrance of the building motioning to him to open the door, which he did. Abdulrahman said he thought the police were called in for an emergency, but when they asked for the security video, he knew it was a robbery.

“In the first seconds, I thought they were policemen making an intervention…I told them, ‘I’m working here, what is wrong?’ After that he questioned me, ‘where is the security video?’ At that time, I said sh**, it’s a robbery.”’

A visibly nervous Abdulrahman said one of the robbers got very angry because he was looking at them, telling him to put his head down and not look up again or he would be shot.

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Abdulrahman wants to return to Algeria because he is now a key witness in a crime and believes he is a target for what he knows. The 39-year-old man revealed that the policemen had bungled the investigation by leaking the confidential information he provided to them about his description of the thieves.

“They told the press that I said certain things about the robbers’ identities. That was very dangerous for me, as it shows I gave evidence to the police.”

Former colleagues have described Abdulrahman as a smart, diligent, and trustworthy employee who did all he could to protect the 35-year-year old TV star.

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