October 18, 2016
‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ One Tamriel Update Lets PlayStation 4, Xbox One Players Explore Any Zone With Anyone Today

Update 12, the One Tamriel patch for The Elder Scrolls Online, is now available for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players on console can now group together regardless of faction, visit a revamped Craglorn, and master new weapon ultimate abilities. New item sets, motifs, and achievements are also part of the update, giving players plenty to accomplish thanks to the One Tamriel update.

Today's free update removes the restrictions to leveling that were previously imposed on players. Before the update, players needed to level in a particularly linear path similar to most MMORPGs; an experience decidedly unlike most Elder Scrolls titles. Now, players can go anywhere with any player after finishing the tutorial. Players can literally pick a direction, an objective, or a zone and enjoy it right away with the One Tamriel update. The entire world is level-scaled, giving players of any level a chance to enjoy all of The Elder Scrolls Online content at any time with any other player.

The Elder Scrolls Online
All zones now include solo and group play [Image by Bethesda]

The freedom to travel anywhere in the game world, rather than needing to level before seeing another area, also extends to player groups. According to the official announcement, since the world scales the player, groups of players no longer need to be close in level in order to play together. Veterans working on their Champion Point levels can easily group alongside new characters while each experiences enemies adjusted to their strength, rewarding loot for their natural level.

Players from each of the three factions can now group together even though they are from different alliances, too. Players from the Aldmeri Dominion, the Ebonheart Pact, and the Daggerfall Covenant can group freely now. The factions are still imposed for player-versus-player combat, however, in places like Cyrodiil.

"For starters, alliance restrictions (outside of PvP) will be no more. That means players can group up with anyone in ESO, no matter their allegiance. Likewise, Guilds can now assemble more diverse groups for their adventures. In short, it's now even easier to find a pick-up group when heading out on a quest, exploring a dungeon, or taking on a trial."
One Tamriel also revamps Craglorn as a zone even solo players can experience, introduces dueling, scatters new loot in most zones, and much more. Notably, loot found in each zone is now standardized, giving players the opportunity to seek out specific item sets by simply playing in the zone from which they originate as stated on the Bethesda website.

The full list of patch notes, including details on the new weapon ultimate abilities, can be found on the official game forums. The PlayStation 4 patch notes and the Xbox One patch notes are different and specific to the platform. Players on PlayStation 4 can expect an 18 GB download while those on Xbox One will need to accommodate a 23 GB download.

The Elder Scrolls Online
New items are added to the Crown Store monthly [Image by Bethesda]

With the One Tamriel update wrapping up the major updates for the game this year, players are looking forward to what awaits The Elder Scrolls Online in 2017. Players can expect a large update that will introduce player housing. As the Inquisitr reported, the new housing feature is scheduled to release early next year with three sizes of houses inspired by the game's 10 races. After the update goes live, players will be able to finish a line of quests to earn a free house while additional houses can be purchased for gold.


To celebrate the arrival of One Tamriel on PlayStation 4, players can pick up discounted Crowns right now from the PlayStation Store. The Elder Scrolls Online Crown packs are on sale for up to 40 percent off in the PlayStation Store for a limited time.

[Featured Image by Bethesda]