‘AHS’ Season 6 Episode 6 Trailer: Is That A Person In A Mask?

There is not long to wait now until the huge twist promised to fans of FX’s American Horror Story: Roanoke is revealed. But, did FX just sneak a masked character into the AHS, Season 6, Episode 6 trailer?

Spoiler alert: This article discusses FX’s American Horror Story: Roanoke. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid spoilers.

Episode 5 of AHS: Roanoke ended with what seemed like a finale. Matt, Shelby, Lee, and Flora all managed to escape the haunted house they were living in. The main protagonist, the Butcher, was double-crossed by her own son and it seemed like everything was neatly tied up.

FX's 'American Horror Story' Season 6

Fans know that Season 6 of AHS still has five more episodes to screen. So, what can be expected in Episode 6 of American Horror Story: Roanoke?

As this previous Inquisitr article points out, a shakeup is entirely expected as AHS creator, Ryan Murphy has been telling fans Episode 6 of Season 6 would contain a massive twist that would make it seem like AHS: Roanoke is actually split up into two different shows. The article also pointed out that the office Cheyenne is in could even be the pharmaceutical company Matt Miller works for, which would make sense considering the documentary within AHS: Roanoke, My Roanoke Nightmare, has been interviewing Matt and his wife, Shelby, in relation to the events that occurred in their house.

The trailer for Season 6, Episode 6 of AHS: Roanoke certainly shows what seems to be a completely different show than what was seen in the first five episodes. Cheyenne Jackson is seen leading a camera crew down a hallway. He is warning the person behind the camera to keep filming, no matter what, even if Cheyenne himself demands the camera is turned off.

While people have been concentrating on what Cheyenne has been saying and trying to work out where the crew is, it seems a masked person in the Episode 6 trailer may have been missed. Now, apologies for the quality of the image below in advance, as no official stills have been released from FX in regard to the Episode 6 trailer, so the image captured is a screen shot.

FX's 'AHS,' Season 6, Episode 6 trailer

This image was captured within the first 10 seconds of the Episode 6 trailer for Season 6 of AHS. While the image is not high resolution, it appears a masked person is walking with the crew. Cheyenne even seems to be speaking to the masked person at one point, saying, “Even if I tell you to stop, keep rolling,” while looking at the masked figure.

It is also the second time this masked person appears in the Episode 6 trailer for AHS. In total, the masked character appears three times.

But who is this masked character, and how will their presence influence the remainder of Season 6 of AHS: Roanoke?

FX's 'American Horror Story,' Freak Show, Twisty the Clown

Masks have featured from time to time in previous seasons of American Horror Story. The most memorable are probably the black mask in AHS: Murder House, Bloody Face in AHS: Asylum and the huge grin Twisty wore in AHS: Freak Show. At a glance, the mask is white, so the Murder House mask is out of the equation altogether. This new mask looks more like Bloody Face than Twisty the Clown, but it would make little sense for Cheyenne to be bringing in a serial killer.

However, we do know, from a previous episode of AHS: Roanoke, that Cheyenne knows about Lee’s first daughter, that went missing when Lee was very young. Lee is also the one who asked for the cameras to stop rolling when asked about this part of her life. So, has Cheyenne located Lee’s first daughter and is bringing her in for a reunion with her mother? Only by tuning into Episode 6 of AHS: Roanoke will reveal who is wearing the mask.

FX's 'American Horror Story,' 'AHS' Season 6

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American Horror Story returns to FX with Chapter 6 of Season 6 on Wednesday, October 19, at 10 p.m. ET.

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