Julian Assange Reportedly Being Investigated For Alleged ‘Online Sexual Molestation’ Of 8-Year-Old Girl

Julian Assange, of WikiLeaks fame, has been embroiled in scandal for years and is currently living in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, having sought asylum there to avoid deportation. Recently, WikiLeaks announced that Assange’s internet access had been cut off, and the implication was that someone was trying to silence him, perhaps to prevent him from influencing the current U.S. general election cycle. However, if a new report is to be believed, Julian Assange lost his connection to the world wide web for something else entirely.

According to Daily Kos, Julian Assange lost his internet access due to allegations that he was using his link to the outside world to commit cyber sex crimes — allegedly against an 8-year-old girl.

Reportedly, Julian Assange’s problems began with the dating site Toddandclare.com, a Houston-based dating website where men come to meet women, and a site which takes the safety of its members very seriously. Indeed, the online dating site that is at the root of Julian Assange’s current alleged legal issues and part of the real reason Assange reportedly lost his internet access strives for gender equality and was formerly even a member of the UN Global Compact program.

Todd and Clare is so dedicated to women’s safety, in fact, that the site incorporated something called the KATIA project into their platform. In a nutshell, KATIA is “a safety tool for women planning to go on a date with someone online,” and according to Julian Assange, the dating site contacted him and contracted him to work on the KATIA project. Todd and Clare says that Assange’s assertions are incorrect and contend that he approached them and offered his services on the project.

Due to the dating site’s affiliation with the UN, which began in May, Todd and Clare became legally obligated to share certain records with the United Nations. Included among those records were documents detailing the site’s business relationship with Julian Assange, which allegedly came to an end when Assange was investigated by the Royal Bahamas Police for alleged internet sex crimes involving an 8-year-old female child.

According to the police report, Julian Assange was accused of “online sexual molestation” by the parents of an 8-year-old Canadian girl. The family was reportedly on vacation in the Bahamas at the time of the alleged sexually inappropriate online behavior, and according to the investigation, Julian Assange used Todd and Clare as his platform to get close to the young child.

Among other things, Julian Assange is accused of trying to convince the little girl to “perform oral and anal sex acts.” Somehow, the girl’s parents became aware of their daughter’s online activity, and they were somehow able to identify Julian Assange as the adult their child was interacting with. The 8-year-old girl was reportedly using the Todd and Clare account of an older, adult sister.

“We understand Julian Assange was clearly photo- and video- identified in the chatlogs by both the parents of the juvenile, [and the] Social Services worked involved…”

It is unclear whether Julian Assange knew that he was having sexually explicit interactions (both written and on video) with an 8-year-old child or if he believed that he was conversing with the child’s adult sister, who the dating site account belonged to.

Todd and Clare has filed a lawsuit against Julian Assange in the U.K. and has stated that the Royal Bahamas Police swept their investigation of Julian Assange “under the rug.” The dating site reports that they were contacted by the victim’s father on September 28 and that their dating site was delisted by the UN on October 13. The only reason given for the delisting was “Other reason related to the Integrity Measures,” something the dating site calls defamatory.

“On page 8 of our UN report, we say we’d been warned by Wikileaks to expect actions on our UN membership if we didn’t drop our UK court case. Our UN delisting means the attacks have started.”

The dating site’s lawsuit against Julian Assange is ongoing, and it involves alleged breach of contract by Assange. In recent weeks, Todd and Clare has also filed a report with the UN asking the organization to withdraw its support of Assange after a decision earlier this year by a group within the United Nations that determined that he should be released and compensated for his so-called “arbitrary” detention.

According to a recent Todd and Clare Facebook post, the site believes it was delisted by the UN for no larger reason than a UN buddy of Julian Assange’s intervening on Assange’s behalf. The Facebook post further calls on Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to come to the aid of the Canadian family whose daughter was allegedly sexually molested by Julian Assange online.

“The family say that they experienced anti-Caucasian racism in Nassau…The family left the Bahamas, because they did not wish to subject their 8 year old to a continued nightmare and anti-white, racist abuse by Bahamian police. In addition to the clear racial problem, this investigation is particularly sensitive…The family feel that powerful interests at the UN are shielding Julian Assange and that he is being put before the welfare of their 8 year old daughter.”

This isn’t the first time that Julian Assange has been accused of sexual misconduct, reports NBC News. However, it is the first time that the sexual assault allegations levied against Julian Assange have involved a child. In fact, the reason that Assange is holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy is due to an outstanding arrest warrant out of Sweden for the alleged sexual assault and rape of two women in 2010. Julian Assange has publicly maintained a fear that if the U.K. extradites him to Sweden to face the music for the rape and sexual assault charges, Sweden will extradite him to the U.S. to face the music for WikiLeaks.

“We are naturally disappointed that Swedish courts yet again choose to ignore Julian Assange’s difficult life situation.”

On September 16, however, a Swedish court ruled that the current sexual assault-related arrest warrant for Julian Assange will not be dropped.

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