Neve Campbell To Join ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ As Sister To Patrick Dempsey’s Character

Paging Neve Campbell. Paging Neve Campbell.

The star of the Scream series will find her way to television sets this year as she has landed a new gig on Grey’s Anatomy, ABC confirmed to Access Hollywood on Thursday.

Fans of the series will get to see Neve Campbell as the sister of Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd on the show, though it’s not clear if she’ll also be playing a doctor as well.

The two have shared screentime before, co-starring in the 2000 installation of the Scream series, Scream 3. In the movie Dempsey played a detective who investigated the Ghostface murders and later took a romantic interest in Sidney, Campbell’s character.

On Grey’s Anatomy, Neve Campbell will become one of Shepherd’s four sisters. Other siblings for the show’s main male character have been played by Catelina Scorsone (now on Private Practice) and Embeth Davitz.

It’s already known that Patrick Dempsey’s character has another unseen sister, a psychiatrist named Kathleen, and that there’s a yet-unnamed fourth sister. It isn’t known exactly which one Neve Campbell will be playing, reported.

Neve Campbell’s arrival come as Derek Shepherd is going into teaching since his hand isn’t back to full capacity after being mangled in a plane crash last season.

As reported, the former Party of Five star Neve Campbell will show up in Grey’s Anatomy for at least two episodes slated to air in December.

Her Grey’s Anatomy debut is the second set of big news for Neve Campbell this year. Earlier in the year she announced that she was pregnang, and in August she and partner J.J. Feild showed off their newborn during a family outing.