Josh Murray, Amanda Stanton Talk Marriage And Babies And Go House Hunting: What’s The Latest From The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars? [Updated]

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton fell in love during Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, and they got engaged during the finale. The two have faced their fair share of rumors regarding the state of their relationship, but they maintain that they are doing well and are making plans for the future. In fact, it looks like these two may be ready to take a very big step together that will have fans buzzing. What’s the latest from Josh and Amanda?

The Bachelor in Paradise stars just spent a few days together in Mexico, and they did a Periscope video together during their trip. Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton answered a wide range of questions from fans, and people were anxious for scoop regarding what comes next in their relationship.

Amanda and Josh shared some photos on Instagram noting that they were back in Mexico where their love story began and they spent a few days alone together at the Generations Resort. Stanton’s girls Charlie and Kinsley were back at home in California with their father, so the Bachelor in Paradise stars got to have a romantic adults-only trip that they clearly enjoyed.

Some fans question the way Josh posts about Amanda on social media at times, but she said that they both have a fun sense of humor where they banter with one another, and it certainly seems that she embraces her fiance’s sense of humor and doesn’t get offended by what some others see as being a bit passive-aggressive at times.

Bachelor in Paradise fans asked about a wedding date, and Josh joked first that they’d get married next week, then said they might already be married, and then said that they probably wouldn’t tell anybody when they’re getting married. Later in the broadcast, however, Murray said that they were anxious to get married soon.

Josh and Amanda have previously said that they want to have three more kids, although during the Periscope chat, it sounded as if they might be a bit torn between two or three more children. In addition, he seems quite anxious to have a couple of boys, but she said that her fiance will be fine with either boys or girls. He also talked about how much he adores her two daughters and noted that he plans to love on them as best as he can.

The Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds insist that despite rumors to the contrary, they are doing very well as a couple and are very happy. Murray did throw in quite a few digs toward Nick Viall and the editing of the show, and he snarked on Famously Single co-star Brandi Glanville a bit as well in a dig that seemed to also snark at his Bachelorette ex Andi Dorfman. For the most part, however, Josh and Amanda bantered with one another throughout the broadcast that they did from their resort bed, and they talked about how they first felt about one another when they initially met in Mexico.

When Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise was ending, Josh and Amanda talked about plans to move to Georgia together with her daughters, as that’s where he is from. Some wondered how realistic that was, considering that Stanton’s ex-husband shares custody of the two young girls with her.

Murray and his fiancee haven’t really addressed this topic recently, but it looks like they may be planning to stay in California going forward. She shared on Snapchat that they were doing some house hunting, and they are back in California, so it looks like they may be ready to transition from her apartment in Irvine to a house for them as a family.

'Bachelor in Paradise' stars Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton house hunt

Murray and Stanton are one of three couples who left Bachelor in Paradise engaged, and so far, all three couples remain together. Grant Kemp and Lace Morris are living together in San Francisco, California, and Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are doing well and are living together in Nashville, Tennessee. None of the three couples has started making solid wedding plans yet, at least as far as they’ve revealed to anybody, but they do all seem to be doing well.

Will Josh and Amanda manage to make it? There have been plenty of rumors swirling that they are struggling behind-the-scenes, but they are definitely committed to putting on a united front on social media and in public. Bachelor in Paradise fans are rooting for these two to make it, and many think that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton just might be the perfect fit for one another.

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