Tamra Judge On Vicki Gunvalson’s Ireland Betrayal: ‘She Always Stabs Me In The Back’

Tamra Judge has been friends with Vicki Gunvalson for a long time, and they have gone through quite the roller-coaster ride together. Judge has been there for her friend when no one else was, and she decided to give Gunvalson a second chance after she was caught up in the Brooks Ayers cancer scandal. While many of the ladies didn’t want to give her a second chance, Tamra felt that they had a long history and wasn’t ready to throw it all away. But Judge’s forgiveness may have been a mistake, since she has betrayed Tamra once again.

According to a new Bravo report, Tamra Judge is now revealing that Vicki’s constant comments to the other ladies were the beginning of the end for them. Over the past couple of months, Judge has revealed that she has no interest in being friends with Vicki anymore, because she got stabbed one last time in the back by her friend. Judge hasn’t revealed what happened between them, but it is clear that she’s not going back to her friendship with her co-star.

Now, Tamra is revealing that Gunvalson will say things about her behind her back that will truly be unforgivable. As she reveals in her blog, fans will see how everything turns out next week, but she hints that it all comes down to something that her co-star has said or done in the past. As viewers saw this week, Gunvalson likes to talk about her co-stars, but she doesn’t like it when they share what she has said.

“I thought it was pretty crappy of Vicki to say, ‘Tamra could be behind trying to get Kelly drunk.’ Making it out like it’s a big conspiracy. How dare you, I wasn’t even drinking or ordering drinks. It just goes to show no matter how forgiving and nice I am to Vicki she always stabs me in the back or tries to make me look bad. She talks behind everyone’s back including mine. We will get to that real soon,” Tamra Judge teases, hinting that Vicki will say or do something that will completely change Tamra’s mind about her friendship with Gunvalson.


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Judge believes that her friend may have said things behind her back to Kelly about her, and she knows that Gunvalson has said things about Dodd to her behind Dodd’s back. Gunvalson just doesn’t like it when Tamra Judge and Kelly share stories, and now Judge is starting to see that Gunvalson doesn’t have her best interests at heart — which is why they are no longer friends. For a long time, Tamra was skeptical of Gunvalson and really wanted to be friends, but she doesn’t like how her friend is constantly talking behind her back.

“When she got off the elevator I started taking to Kelly and she started crying telling me she had never said a bad thing about me. So who’s lying? You could see Vicki felt really uncomfortable and ran down the hall so she didn’t have to be confronted. Vicki was doing what she does best tossing her good friends under the bus. By the way Vicki ran off, I believe she was lying to try to get me mad at Kelly. It was so calculated! She knew Kelly had apologized to me and knew I would move on. Seems like Vicki doesn’t want me to be friends with Kelly. I wonder why?” Tamra Judge points out on her Bravo blog.

What do you think about Tamra Judge’s comments about Vicki Gunvalson? Are you curious to see what happens on next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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