‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Has A Lot Of Explaining To Do, Starting With These Six Questions

Tomorrow is the night that American Horror Story fans have been waiting for. It’s the sixth episode of Season 6, the episode in which Ryan Murphy has said everything changes. There are many theories about what that may mean, and the promo for this week’s episode doesn’t give us many clues. Check it out.

So we have Cheyenne Jackson, the voice behind the camera in this year’s American Horror Story episode where the fourth wall was broken in the documentary. It appears he has taken his camera crew to an office somewhere, but we don’t know for what reason. Some are guessing it’s Matt’s office, he works for a pharmaceutical company, but who knows. What we do know is that previous episodes of Season 6 of American Horror Story have left us with lots of questions, plot holes, and theorizing. We’re hoping that beginning with this week’s episode, AHS will address some of things running around in our brains. Here are a few of the ones in my head.

First, the endless list of similarities between American Horror Story: Roanoke and American Horror Story: Murder House. This can not be coincidence. Check out this list, which does not include all of them.

  • The couple in both seasons experienced a miscarriage.
  • The couple in both seasons moved across the country following that miscarriage.
  • The couple in both seasons purchased a house, found out it was haunted, tried to get out of the purchase, and was unable to do so.
  • American Horror Story: Murder House had an episode in which Vivienne and Violet were attacked by followers of a serial killer who killed a nurse and then had a young woman put on the nurse uniform before killing her. American Horror Story: Roanoke has featured two murderous nurses.
  • The couple in both seasons had something creepy under wallpaper in their house.
  • Vivienne and Ben’s daughter was Violet. Lee’s daughter is Flora.
  • Shelby told Matt not to gaslight her. Vivienne asked Ben if he had been planning to gaslight her all along.

And the list goes on, but you get the idea. Not coincidental. But why? That’s question one.

The warnings are loud, the warnings are clear. #AHSRoanoke

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What’s the deal with the pigs? They are everywhere in American Horror Story: Roanoke! We have the man with the pig head. There was the episode where Shelby, Lee, and Matt were looking for Flora, and went to the farm where they found parts of Flora’s doll mixed in with pig parts to form a body. There were pig parts on the ground, and the two feral boys in the barn were suckling from a pig. They’ve seen pig parts in the trees. What’s up with that? This is also another example of a tie to American Horror Story: Murder House. Ben had a patient who had a fear of Piggy Man. More coincidence? I think not. But what’s up with all the pigs? Some have suggested that it’s a symbol of fertility, which could make sense given the miscarriages, Matt’s encounter with Lady Gaga’s character, and the fact that Ryan Murphy said children would be important this season. But we’re still not clear on it at this point.

Is this a Billie Dean Howard documentary? Is she running the show that Cheyenne Jackson works for as a producer?

What’s the deal with the little piece of information we learned about Lee in an early chapter of American Horror Story: Roanoke that was just dropped as a storyline? Remember that episode where Cheyenne spoke to Lee and caused her to break the fourth wall? She became upset because he knew about another daughter she had that disappeared when she was four years old. Why bring that up if it isn’t important?

And speaking of Lee, did she really not have anything to do with Mason’s death? Was she really in the woods for four hours in the middle of the night looking for Flora alone?

Then there’s Elias Cunningham. Take a look at this photo.

American Horror Story

And then there was this promo photo.

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Remember Spalding in American Horror Story: Coven? Remember the scene with him wearing a bonnet in his room full of dolls? And in American Horror Story: Roanoke he says that he must be the one to talk to Priscilla, the girl in the bonnet, because she knows him. The parallels here are creepy. We’re bound to see more of Dennis O’Hare this season, but in what capacity?

And one more – Edward Philippe Mott. There’s no way we aren’t going to see more of Evan Peters this season, but what will his role being going forward?

There are more. In fact, the more you think about it and the more closely you look at what has and hasn’t happened so far in American Horror Story: Roanoke, the more questions arise. Thankfully, the wait is almost over. Episode 6 will air this Wednesday on FX at 10 p.m. ET.

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