Shannon Beador’s Weight Gain An Easy Target: Calls Kelly Dodd ‘Cruel And Erratic’

Shannon Beador seems to have a big issue with two of her co-stars: Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson. And Shannon has no problem sharing her thoughts about these two women, including reminding them about how rude they can be. Shannon tried to have fun during the last night of the Ireland trip, but the fighting quickly turned nasty, and Meghan King Edmonds labeled the last night in Ireland as World War 3. And it sounds like Shannon can dish it but can’t take it. While she can say whatever she wants about her co-stars, they can’t fight back and use a similar level of argument without her flipping out.

According to a new Bravo report, Shannon Beador is now revealing that the hurtful comments that her co-star made about her facial hair were out of line. Plus, the newcomer has pointed to Shannon’s weight gain as well — and even her cheating husband. There are plenty of things that one could use to criticize Beador, and yet she feels as if she can easily slam Dodd about her behavior, her relationship with her daughter, and her marriage.

“Heather, Tamra and I went to the pub much later, and Tamra texted Vicki to come down. Vicki started to bad mouth Kelly and tell Tamra things that Kelly was saying about her. Tamra started to text Kelly about it. When we got out of the elevator to go to our room and finish packing, Kelly was literally running down the hallway towards us. It was unsettling. I asked Heather to film it because Kelly was over the top,” Shannon Beador explains in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County.

While Beador hasn’t really talked about her weight gain, she has talked about how she feels bloated and wanted to lose weight while filming The Real Housewives of Orange County. And it doesn’t seem like the weight gain in itself is something to get upset about, as Dodd just wanted to use something that would hurt her co-star the way she herself had been hurt. But Shannon believes that her co-star had completely lost control, revealing that Dodd is completely erratic and cruel.


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“As far as the bus ride goes, here we saw the cruel and erratic Kelly we have become familiar with at this point. I had reached an understanding with her on the trip to Ireland, but she decided to convince herself that I somehow had a sinister motive when ordering drinks on our final night to have fun,” Shannon Beador continues in her Bravo blog, adding that Dodd likes to say the cruelest things that she can think about, even if it hurts her co-stars.

“Kelly attacks people with the cruelest words she can say. It is so incredibly hurtful. I was beyond upset that Vicki sat there on the bus like nothing happened. Once again, Vicki is not telling the truth and playing both sides of the fence,” Beador concludes her blog for this week, according to Bravo.

It is clear that Dodd was super hurt by her co-stars during last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. And Beador didn’t make it any easier by avoiding her when they were ordering drinks and then setting her up later on during the night. Regardless of what Beador says, she could have handled the entire situation much better. And viewers appear to agree.

What do you think of Shannon Beador’s comments about her co-star? Do you think that she can dish it out but then can’t take it when it comes back her way?

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