The Donald Tapes: Larry Flynt's 'Hustler' Offers Up To $1 Million For Trump Sex Videos Or Naughty Audio

There is a new offer by Larry Flynt, of the infamous Hustler publication, which is offering up to $1 million for any valid video footage of Donald Trump performing illegal activities -- or acting in a sexually assaulting manner.

As reported by Newser, the website named The Donald Tapes has put forth the offer -- hoping that anyone with damaging video or audio tapes of Trump will upload that footage to their website. The Donald Tapes website even notes that a person can enter their information directly on the site -- with The Donald Tapes allowing audio and video up to 1 GB in size to be uploaded directly onto the website.

Donald Trump
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The Donald Tapes website compels folks to "submit and save the world" by providing damaging audio or video -- that is verified as Trump -- prior to the presidential election on November 8.

"Attention Citizens! $1,000,000 Offer!"

"Beverly Hills, CA – October 17, 2016 – Larry Flynt announced today that his Hustler companies are offering up to $1 million dollars for verifiable video footage or audio recordings for use prior to the November 8 election clearly showing Donald Trump engaging in illegal activity or acting in a sexually demeaning or derogatory manner, if Hustler chooses to publish or otherwise use such materials."

"Mr. Flynt states, 'I have always celebrated women. Women in all shapes and sizes. To treat a woman like Mr. Trump himself has is both disappointing and unbelievable, especially coming from someone who wants to be our President."

"Mr. Flynt continues to be appalled by the hypocrisy of our elected officials who dictate how the American people should live their lives behind closed doors while themselves engaging in the variety of activities they publicly condemn. Mr. Trump claims that 'nobody has more respect for women than me' despite tremendous amounts of evidence to the contrary. Mr. Flynt has made it his mission to call these hypocrites out and provide the public with as much information about their indiscretions as possible."

The Donald Tapes website noted how Flynt offered $1 million for any scandalous details about President Bill Clinton during Clinton's impeachment trial, reports the Los Angeles Times. As a result of that offer, Flynt received information about Rep. Bob Livingston and adultery -- so much so that the Louisiana Republican was forced to resign from Congress and did not become the Speaker of the House.

Larry Flynt
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Whether Flynt's offer for folks with damaging Trump tapes to contact Minda Gowen at with questions or actual information will result in videos of Trump released to the public remains to be seen.

According to Who Is, the website known as The Donald Tapes was recently set up — on October 13, a mere four days ago. No doubt with the information that leaked to the public recently, which displayed Trump's "locker room talk" conversation with Billy Bush from 2005 having a big impact on the election, Flynt is likely hoping more damaging videos of Trump exist.

As seen in the top photo above, Flynt spoke in Los Angeles on April 30, 2011, with the ACLU later representing the Hustler publisher regarding lawsuit interference.

Meanwhile, Flynt is gaining a variety of reactions on social media as news of his $1 million offer for damaging Trump tapes begins to go viral. Some of those reactions include people commenting that they didn't realize Flynt was still alive. Others are calling Flynt's offer deplorable. Yet and still others are questioning Flynt's motives for offering to pay so much money to try and prevent Trump from becoming President Trump.

On Twitter, some are writing that they are laughing out loud at Flynt's quest to take down Trump, while others note that they usually side with whomever Flynt is against.

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