Marika Dominczyk Coming To ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ In Mysterious Role: Is She Playing Arizona’s Love Interest?

It’s no secret that Grey’s Anatomy is giving Arizona Robbins a new love interest, but will that be the latest female to join the cast? Brothers and Sisters alum Marika Dominczyk is confirmed to be part of the cast in Season 13, but so far, details regarding her role are being kept quiet.

She is just the latest female confirmed for a role in the upcoming season. As the Inquisitr confirmed, Tessa Ferrer is reprising her role as surgical intern Leah Murphy in just 10 days. Before her return, it was already confirmed that Bridget Regan was coming to the show for an unknown role. The actress shared the front of the script for the episode that she would appear in, titled “The Room Where It Happens.” This is expected to be the sixth episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 13. It’s unclear whether the title of the episode is right, as Episode 6 is titled “Roar,” and it is the episode where Ferrer comes back. There is also no episode titled “The Room Where It Happens” listed on IMDb.

Shonda Rhimes has already confirmed that Arizona will get a love interest this season. It is about time for the doctor, who hasn’t been seen with anyone since her official divorce from Callie. Meanwhile, Callie has chosen to leave Seattle permanently to be with her new girlfriend, as actress Sara Ramirez decided it was time to hang up her stethoscope.

Which one of the three women will become Arizona’s love interest? Many assume it will be Murphy, as she has already been romantically involved with Arizona in Grey’s Anatomy. Murphy was introduced in Season 9 and became a regular character in Season 10. Ferrer’s contract with Grey’s wasn’t renewed after the finale, but there was the option for her to return as in guest spots.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Dominczyk will play a Grey’s Anatomy character named Eliza Minnick. It isn’t clear when she will come into the show or who she will be. Is she going to be a doctor or aa patient? Maybe she will be a babysitter for Sophia.

The good news is that this is not likely to be Owen Hunt’s sister, due to the name. It is possible that Owen’s sister changed her identity, but then coming to work for Grey Sloan Memorial wouldn’t make much sense in that. There have been some questionable storylines on Grey’s Anatomy in the past, but surely not this questionable.

There are rumors that Owen’s sister will eventually turn up. She is currently assumed dead, but until that is seen on screen, anything is possible. There are some theories that Owen’s sister has amnesia and she is now coming to Grey Sloan Memorial as a patient, who later becomes Arizona’s love interest.

ABC has refused to comment on when Dominczyk’s character will appear in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13. One episode, titled “Why Try to Change Me Now,” is about a new consultant coming to Grey Sloan Memorial, so it is possible that this will be when her character appears.

It’s very difficult to get to the truth right now. It appears that ABC is taking a leaf out of FX’s book by not revealing too much information too soon. American Horror Story saw a good number of viewers for Season 6 since it would be the first time the theme was revealed. Showrunner Ryan Murphy has also been hinting of a major twist coming in Episode 6, which has fans talking. ABC could be opting for this approach with Grey’s Anatomy since the show is on a decline. There’s the ability to intrigue enough people to get them to tune in for Regan, Ferrer, and Dominczyk.

Who do you think will turn out to be Arizona’s love interest? Will any of the two mysterious women be Owen Hunt’s sister? Don’t forget to tune into Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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