Whoopi Goldberg’s Alleged Feud With Joy Behar Shaking Up ‘The View’ Set?

Is Whoopi Goldberg’s alleged feud with Joy Behar shaking things up on the set of The View? While rumors of Goldberg leaving The View happened before rumors of her feud with Behar came to light, some have a theory that this was the final nail in the coffin that led to the co-host’s decision to not return after her contract ends in 2017.

As the Inquisitr reported, Goldberg signed on for what will likely be her last season on The View after moderating the show since 2007. The co-host told Wendy Williams that her decision to leave after 2017 has to do with wanting more time and space to juggle multiple projects in a creative sense, than be tied down to moderating The View. That said, Goldberg has been allegedly baiting ABC for awhile.

Aside from Whoopi Goldberg’s feud with Joy Behar, back in February, the Inquisitr reported that the moderator dared producers at ABC to fire her from The View for alleged antagonistic behavior. At the time, the moderator was said to be “at war with the management” surrounding The View, according to a report by Page Six.

The source told the outlet that Whoopi was going around the studios saying that she was being treated like a slave, reportedly saying, “I’s a work for ABC, who is my master. I’s a slave to ABC. It’s ’12 Years a Whoopi’ at ABC.”

The source continued, “Whoopi has been so antagonistic, she’s constantly at war with management. It’s so bad that some execs think she’s daring them to fire her so she can go off and do other things, particularly after her ‘slave’ outburst.”

As for Whoopi Goldberg’s alleged feud, Radar Online reported that it’s been brewing since Joy Behar returned to The View in 2015 after departing the show for two years. At the time of her return, it was said that she was brought to help reinvigorate the show due to a decline in viewership. Behar is one of The View’s original members, and she is the only member of the current panel who has survived the first incarnation in 1997.

According to the report, a source told the outlet, “Whoopi and Joy appear to get along in front of the cameras, but backstage, it’s a different matter. They’re mortal enemies — and Joy wants to be the queen bee!”

As for Whoopi’s feud with Joy Behar, it’s believed that Whoopi had a problem with Joy grandstanding with her 2013 exit, only to come back shortly after. That said, she’s not the only co-host to leave the show and return again. As we know, Rosie O’Donnell left the show in 2011 and returned in 2014 to join the team. Despite O’Donnell’s nemesis Elisabeth Hasselbeck departing The View, it was constantly reported that Goldberg and O’Donnell feuded behind the scenes of the ABC show. Then, Rosie’s daughter confirmed that the two strong personalities didn’t get along on the show.

In a tell-all interview, O’Donnell’s daughter said, “She and Whoopi didn’t get along and she’d come home and talk about how she was stoned on set and she was being really mean to her.”

Of the situation, O’Donnell allegedly said, “I don’t need this much stress.”

Rosie O’Donnell hasn’t confirmed if her second quick exit off of the show was due to fighting with Whoopi Goldberg, but at the time of the tell-all, O’Donnell’s rep said it was “heartbreaking on every level.”

Do you think Whoopi Goldberg’s alleged feud with Joy Behar is pushing her out of The View?

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