Is Rob Kardashian The Father Of Her Baby? Blac Chyna Takes Shocking Paternity Test

The reality television couple faced yet another bombshell crisis on the latest episode of Rob & Chyna. Blac Chyna takes a shocking paternity test and finally reveals whether Rob Kardashian is the father of her baby.

Blac Chyna has been rumored to have been hooking up with another man during her relationship with Rob Kardashian. This undeniably brought the identity of the father of the baby into question.

On last night’s finale episode of Rob & Chyna, the pregnant fiancé of Rob Kardashian took a paternity test so that she would know for sure who her baby daddy was.

Blac Chyna decided to take the paternity test while Kardashian was out of the house. She told her friends Sam and Paige about her plans.

“I know it’s Rob’s child, I’ve only been with him since we started dating.

“It’s just to shut down the rumors on the internet saying it might be two other people.”

Last month, Radar Online reported Chyna’s possible affair with the actor Pilot Jones. The rumors sent Kardashian and his mother/manager, Kris Jenner, into panic mode.

Kardashian had proposed to Chyna after just months of dating, after the two had found out she was pregnant. But if Kardashian was not the father of Chyna’s baby, would he still want to marry her?

Blac Chyna called Rob’s sister Kim Kardashian to tell her about her idea to take the paternity test to prove once and for all that Rob was the father. Chyna insisted that Kim did not tell her brother about her plan.

“He reads this stuff and will be like, ‘Is it my baby?’

“I don’t want to say anything to Rob, though.”

Kim Kardashian even accompanied Chyna to Rob’s house to help her steal his toothbrush for DNA.

Chyna accidentally dropped the toothbrush and Rob caught her and asked her what was going on. Fortunately for Chyna, Kardashian was very understanding and agreed to go along with the paternity test.

“Whatever you want to do, I’m always down. You just have to ask.”

However, later on, Kardashian admitted to the cameras that Chyna’s constant reassurance made him a bit skeptical.

“Knowing 100% if this baby’s mine or not, yeah it would take a lot of weight off my shoulders.”

A nurse came to the house and administered the paternity test, although they would have to wait a few weeks to get the results.

Kardashian took the time to mend his relationships with his family and Chyna after pulling a disappearing act a few weeks before. Kardashian unexpectedly took off to Las Vegas and turned off his phone for five days.


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Rob attended a therapy session after his fiancé and his sister’s boyfriend, Scott Disick, practically insisted.

Kardashian then planned a family dinner at Kris Jenner’s home to get the entire Kardashian clan together for the first time in three years.

Blac Chyna finally received the results of her paternity test via email and was very happy to reveal the results to everyone.

“Bam! Robert Kardashian you are the father!”

Kardashian’s response wasn’t quite what Blac Chyna was hoping for.

“It says 99.9%.

“How do we get 100% probability?”

Now that the paternity of the baby is no longer in question, will Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna move forward with their marriage plans after their baby is born in a few weeks?

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