Jerry Sandusky And Wife Write Letters Blaming His Victims, Belittle Them As 'Ungrateful Liars'

Dusten Carlson

Following Jerry Sandusky's sentencing, the convicted child molester and his wife have turned to writing letters about the former defensive coordinator's victims, calling them "liars" and demanding that they be investigated.

It is apparent that Sandusky blames everyone but himself for the actions that earned him 30 to 60 years in prison, writing a letter to Judge John Cleland (who sealed Sandusky's fate) blaming his victims for being ungrateful and for lying. In the letters, Sandusky and his wife Dottie even blame their adopted son Matt for the former's downfall, reports CNN.

"Nobody mentioned the impact of abandonment, neglect, abuse, insecurity and conflicting messages that the biological parents might have had in this," wrote Sandusky. "What would be the outcome if all the accusers … were investigated?" he asked "I knew the answer … they would no longer be these poor, innocent people as portrayed."
"The system protected the system, the media, the prosecution, the civil attorneys and the accusers. Everybody protected themselves," he wrote. "Penn State, with its own system, protected their public image," he continued. "Media protected their jobs and ambitions. Prosecutors protected their jobs and egos. The accusers were protected and provided access to potential financial gain, free attorneys, accolades, psychologists and attention."
"To think that they can lie and get by with the lies. The press has been unbelievable. People who have not met us are writing untruths," said Dottie, continuing with condemnation for Matt, "People need to know what kind of person he is," she wrote. "We have forgiven him many times for all he has done to our family, thinking that he was changing his life, but he would always go back to his stealing and lies. He has been diagnose (sic) Bipolar, but he refuses to take his medicine."