There’s A Mighty Big Plot Hole In The DNC’s Lawsuit Defense

Hillary people are having bad luck with thinking lately. According to the Dems, Russia hacked us and stole fake emails. Fake emails that we shouldn’t read because they’re classified.

Democrats, they’re either fake and safe, or real and classified. You can’t have it both ways.

Democrat logic tells us not to vote Green because last time it brought us the Iraq invasion, so you should vote for the woman who supported the Iraq invasion instead.

They want us to stop corruption by putting the corrupted candidate in office. They are anti-xenophobia, but not when it comes to Russia, blame the Russians all you like. Rigging elections is bad if it’s Russia, fine and normal if it’s the DNC.

I could go on and on and on. I do, in fact, on Twitter. It’s one of my favorite games right now, spotting Dem logic fails.

But the worst is yet to come. I don’t know if you’ve been following it, but the DNC’s defense against the class action lawsuit filed by Bernie Sanders campaign contributors is putting in place a precedent that I don’t think they’ve thought all the way through yet.

According to this article by the Observer, the DNC lawyers are arguing that neutrality was just a political promise like any other political promise the Democrats make. As rock solid as Hillary’s anti-fracking stance, for example. Something you say but don’t mean. Something that no one in their right mind should take seriously or rely on.

They’re saying that they didn’t keep the promise, but then — meh, politicians never keep promises, whaddya gonna do, am I right boys? So they’re absolved from culpability.

Which says a lot about the DNC and the Democrats in general. That’s your defense? That you’re liars? Wow.

Even more infuriatingly, they’re also saying Bernie supporters knew this from the start of the campaign. They knew that the primary was rigged the whole time, and therefore, they knowingly gave up their hard-earned shekels to a candidate who had no chance.

That is a monster logic fail right there — like, I’m not sure what planet these lawyers come from, but down here on Earth, you don’t donate to candidates that you think have no chance. Like, maybe they come from a planet where you make such a massive salary that you can throw a few bucks someone’s way just to give yourself the feels, and still make rent. Come to think of it, I guess there is such a place, I think it’s called Madison Avenue or something, I don’t know, I’ve never been there.

But down here on Earth, the people in the Bernie Sanders camp were like, normal, regular humans. In fact, one of the heartbreaking things for me when we found out for sure that the whole thing was rigged in the first DNC leaks was remembering how many people had gone without in order to scrape together some dimes to put in his hat.

In the Bernie groups on Facebook, people would post when they’d put another five dollars in, saying something like, “I was going to buy myself a coffee but I thought to myself ‘Bernie needs it more.’” Those sorts of posts dotted the page throughout the day, bumped regularly by people saying things like “Thank you!” and “Who needs caffeine when you’ve got the chance to get a once-in-a-lifetime candidate like Bernie Sanders?”

For me, it is a memory tinged with nostalgia for more innocent, joyful times when we thought elections were fair contests and he had just as good a chance as any other candidate.

Not just that, but oh man… now, forgive me, but what I’m about to say makes me so sad. I write this with a lump in my throat. There is a particularly nasty aspect running through American culture, a cancerous metastasis of the American dream, a logical fallacy that if anyone works hard then they can make it rich, so that means if you’re poor, then you’re obviously not working hard enough.

It means that an American can literally call someone a “loser” for being poor to their face and then continue on their merry way still feeling like they’re a good person. In America, you can shame someone for being homeless in public and no one will tell you you’re an arrogant creep who needs your white privilege rights revoked. There is no tradition of “noblesse oblige” in America. It’s every man for himself, and eff you if you get sick or something. It creates a deeply entrenched social convention of culturally acceptable psychopathy.

I use the word psychopathy deliberately because poverty kills people regularly in America, and that’s okay with the average American. If you die on the streets because you’re poor, or in your home because you can’t afford your medication, well, that’s just because you didn’t work hard enough. You’re a loser and you deserve what you get, even if that’s an early death.

It’s an incredibly insidious and vicious victim-shaming tactic that mutes the desperate cries of half a nation teetering on the brink of third-world poverty. People hide their poverty in America to avoid being shamed. That’s why it got this bad — the shame stopped people from standing up and demanding their God-given human rights to water, food, shelter, and healthcare. They just quietly maxed out their credit cards putting food on the table for their kids.

Bernie changed all that. By putting the plight of these people front and center of his platform, he lent some much-needed dignity to those tens of millions of people stuck in the Walmart-welfare trap. And as his campaign warmed up, they started to come out of the woodwork to support him.

This is heartbreaking to report, but all that money those DNC lawyers are trying not to pay back to his donors? Some of that money was from people living in their cars. Literally living out of their cars or, yes, in their mom’s basement, or from households where multiple generations live on the tightest of budgets, but they still all found money for Bernie’s revolution. They were Facebooking, phone banking, throwing everything they had at his campaign because their own lived circumstances had shown them what a tightrope walk life is in America today. One slip — a badly timed illness, the loss of a job — can have you toppling into homelessness. We all agreed, it has to stop. Bernie was our man to change that.

So the idea that Bernie people knew and just gave him money anyway for the heck of it is so wrong. So logically wrong but so morally wrong as well.

But anyway, the suits at the DNC probably don’t even know that’s a thing. They probably don’t even know that five bucks can be the difference between eating or not in America today. They probably don’t even know what five bucks looks like anymore. Who needs cash when you put everything on the firm’s Amex, am I right?

So there’s that. Logic fail number two. The bad luck with thinking continues.

But here is the big one, the big elephant in the room that no one seems to be addressing. My question to the DNC is this: what if you win this lawsuit on the basis that neutrality is a promise that you don’t keep? What then?

Like, seriously, have you thought this through? What happens come next primary when you’ve established that, yes, you rig the primary elections, but it’s okay because everyone knows?

Who exactly is going to show up for these elections next time, DNC? Have you really thought about this?

Who will even run? I mean, of course you’ll have your candidate all prepped and ready to go, but like… who is going to go up against your favorite in what everyone knows is a sham election?

And even if they did, how are you expecting them to raise money for their pretend election? Because no matter what La-La Land your lawyers come from, the real humans down here don’t have money to give to candidates just for a bit of a laugh. We gave money to Bernie because we wanted him to win. Why would anyone give money to a candidate they knew had no chance?

Sorry. I know I made this awkward. I just thought I should bring it up now.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]