Suspect Who Shot Alaska Officer Remains At Large, Sgt. Allen Brandt In Critical Condition

The suspect who shot an Alaska Officer remains at large. Sgt. Allen Brandt remains in critical condition after being shot in Fairbanks early Sunday morning, ABC News reports.

Officers from the Fairbanks Police Department responded to a call of shots fired just after midnight on Sunday. Shortly after arriving to the scene, Sgt. Allen Brandt radioed that he had been shot.

After the suspect shot the officer, he stole Brandt’s police car and took off. Blocks away, the car was located, but the suspect still remains at large.

Brandt suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was rushed to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital by the Fire Department in Fairbanks. Since then, Brandt has been airlifted to Anchorage for treatment of his very serious injuries.

The Fairbanks Police Department is seeking the public’s help and asks if anyone has any information about this shooting to give the department a call at 907-459-6800.

USA Today has released the dashcam video, which shows the suspect. The suspect has been described as a native man possibly in his 20s.

The man was walking along the sidewalk when Brandt came to a stop. You can see the man dressed in a heavy coat and a hat walking quickly in front of the patrol car with what appears to be a gun in his hand.

Yumi McCulloch, Fairbanks Police Department Spokeswoman, told reporters that it was unclear whether or not the officer and the suspect had any interaction prior to the shooting, ADN reveals. Further, it was unclear whether Brandt stepped out of the vehicle or the man dragged him out of the car and shot him.

The dashcam later shows the suspect walking away from the police car.

Sgt. Allen Brandt is an 11-year veteran of the Fairbanks Police Department. He was just promoted to Sergeant last May. No further information has been provided on his current condition.

The suspect is described as being in his late 20s and was last seen wearing a dark heavy jacket, a knit hat, and dark pants. The police believe that he may be an Alaska Native.

The statement further urges people in the area to stay safe, as the suspect is still at large and is considered armed and dangerous.

News Miner reveals that the shooting does not appear on the dashcam video.

Detective Scott Adams and Lt. Eric Jewkes told reporters that they are hoping the dashcam video goes viral so perhaps someone can identify the suspect.

If you are in the area, it is advisable to keep indoors, especially your children. Keep your doors and windows locked.

Safe Wise describes how you can stay safe while a potentially dangerous person is lurking in your area. If you have a security system sign, stick it in your front lawn, as this can deter criminals from lurking near your home. Keep the lights on, even when you are not home, and most importantly, stay alert. If you see trouble or someone walking in the area that you have never seen before, take note.

If you have to go outside, keep yourself from distractions, such as your phone. On the other end, be sure to always have easy access to your phone should you see something worth reporting to the police.

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This investigation is ongoing, and we will keep you up-to-date with any new details. Further, we will be updating on Sgt. Brandt’s condition as we receive more information. Our thoughts are with Sgt. Brandt and his family during this time as we hope for a full recovery. We ask again, if anyone has any information in regards to this shooting, or if you recognize the man in the dashcam video, please contact Fairbanks Police Department immediately at 907-459-6800.

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