Rudy Giuliani Explains Why Trump Groping Claim 'Couldn't Possibly Have Happened' As Described

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani has endorsed Donald Trump for president of the United States and has been a constant figure on the Trump campaign trial. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the former mayor has been asked about his opinion of the groping claims made by various women against Trump. Giuliani has responded to those claims by noting that at least one of the incidents "couldn't possibly have happened" the way the alleged victim described in her story.

The Washington Post reports that Rudy Giuliani is siding with Donald Trump when it comes to the sexual assault allegations made by various women over the past couple of days. Giuliani is very familiar with the law as he previously worked at a United States Attorney's Office in southern New York. During his tenure, Giuliani famously indicted 11 organized crime figures in a case that would go down as the Mafia Commission Trial. Therefore, Rudy Giuliani's take on the groping charges is one that many Trump supporters have been waiting to hear.

During an interview on CNN, Giuliani was questioned about his support for Trump with State of the Union host Jake Tapper asking if the former mayor believes the women are lying. Giuliani quickly turned the question a different direction by noting that he doesn't view the situation that way. By saying that he doesn't believe the allegations against Trump, he notes he is not commenting on the honestly of the women in question but simply noting that he "believes Donald Trump." He went on to note that he can't speak on all of the allegations because he would need to look into each case more thoroughly.
"I would not say it that way. I believe Donald Trump. I don't know about the nine women [who came forward last week]. . . I'd have to study each case to tell you that."
Though he would not speak on all the cases, he had no problems discussing why he believes that at least one of the groping allegations couldn't have happened as described. Regarding allegations that Trump groped a woman on an airplane while seated in first class, Giuliani says things "at their face" seem untrue due to what he knows about riding in first class.
"Some of these things appear to me on their face to be kind of untrue. Fifteen minutes of groping in a first-class cabin of an airplane? It doesn't make sense. I've been in first class a lot, fortunately. Since I stopped being mayor, I can afford first class. You know, you see everything that goes on in first class."
Giuliani isn't the only person that is taking up for Trump regarding the allegations that he groped a victim in an unwanted fashion on the airplane. The New York Post reports that a British man has come forward to reveal that he was sitting across from the accuser and Trump on the airplane in question and that he recounts events very differently than the alleged victim. In fact, the man, Anthony Gilberthorpe, says that it was the purported victim, Jessica Leeds, who was the one being flirtatious.
"I have only met this accuser once and frankly cannot imagine why she is seeking to make out that Trump made sexual advances on her. Not only did he not do so (and I was present at all times) but it was she that was the one being flirtatious."
He went on to note that Leed was trying "way too hard" to get Trump's attention and that when Trump got up to go to the restroom, the woman told other passengers "she wanted to marry him," referring to Trump. Gilberthorpe says he has nothing to gain by coming forward but that when he heard the story he contacted to Trump campaign as "no decent person" could sit by and watch without coming forward.
"I mean, no decent human being could sit by and have a woman go on television and tell the United States of America — accuse an individual of sexually molesting. It's wrong for Trump, it's wrong for me. But you know something else? It's wrong for the American people."
Trump's former butler has also come to his defense regarding groping allegations. The butler claims that an alleged sexual assault that took place at the Mar-a-Lago resort was completely made up and that it is "bull crap."The butler was credited by the Trump accuser for busting in on the assault, but the butler says such an altercation never took place.

What do you think about the claims made against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump?

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