Donald Trump Walking In On Half-Naked Contestants Of ‘1997 Miss Teen USA’ Allegations: Former Miss Tennessee USA Amy Colley Park Provides Personal Account Meeting Trump At ‘2005 Miss USA’

At this moment, Donald Trump is accused of allegedly walking in on half-naked contestants during the 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant. According to an article written by BuzzFeed News, five of the pageant’s contestants came forward with their own stories on how Trump walked in on them and how they had to cover their nakedness. Former 1997 Miss Vermont Teen USA, Mariah Billado, was one who did not remain anonymous as she provided her own personal account on what she experienced.

“I remember putting on my dress really quick because I was like, ‘Oh my god, there’s a man in here.'”

It should be noted despite the personal statements of the five aforementioned contestants of the 1997 Miss Teen USA, 11 other former contestants of that year’s pageant state they did not see Donald Trump come in, though it is possible they did not notice him if he by chance did. Nevertheless, most dismissed the possibility of Trump walking in on them.

1997 Miss Massachusetts Teen USA Jessica Granata: “There were so many chaperones I can’t even fathom. It was very secure.”

1997 Miss Wisconsin Teen USA Allison Bowman: “These were teenage girls. If anything inappropriate had gone on, the gossip would have flown.”

1997 Miss Maine Teen USA Crystal Hughes: “There was way too much security. If that was something he did, then everybody would have noticed.”

It is possible that the allegations of Donald Trump walking in on half-naked contestants of the 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant were brought up to further besmirch him since he is in the running for President of the United States. Crystal Hughes directly pointed to such a possibility when she answered why some of her fellow contestants said Donald Trump entered the changing room.

“They’re probably lying because they are voting for Hillary Clinton.”

Whatever the truth might be, Donald Trump allegedly walking in on half-naked contestants of the 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant has resulted in plenty of chatter on social media which includes contestants of Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, and Miss Universe pageants from previous years providing their own personal accounts. The latest personal account is that of 2005 Miss Tennessee USA Amy Colley Tyson. The former pageant contestant provided not just an account, but a timeline of events detailing her meeting Trump.

Amy Colley Tyson recently wrote her personal account of meeting Donald Trump on her Facebook page. In it, she provides a timeline of events on what happened to hear during her time as Miss Tennessee USA during the 2005 Miss USA pageant.

“**6:00pm- delegates released to dressing rooms (2 rooms total) to begin prep for live telecast. We were assigned one of two rooms based on our state title in alphabetical order. My assigned area was directly across from entrance on right hand side between Texas and South Dakota. The organization gave us 2 1/2 hours to complete prep.

**8:20pm- 15 minute warning announced: chaperones, who were present at ALL times, announced Mr. Trump and his wife, Melania, would be briefly visiting the room to greet us. The chaperones instructed us to be completely dressed and appropriate.

**8:30- 5 minute warning. The chaperones walked along the room to ensure we were appropriate and to offer assistance to anyone should they request.

**8:35- Last announcement warning: this ensured we were appropriate and dressed. Mr. Trump and his wife, Melania, entered dressing area to say hello just after arriving to the building. Their visit was brief, pleasant, appropriate and 3 minutes maximum. Mr. Trump greeted us and wished us good luck. Melania spoke as well. Not once did he glance, speak or gesture inappropriately in our dressing room. He kept his gaze on Melania during most of the encounter. Chaperones were present at all times. Mr. Trump and his wife then exited to enter the next dressing room.

**8:45- Delegates released from dressing rooms to line up in wings stage right and left.

**9:00pm-production begins.

Since Amy Colley Tyson posted her personal experience through a detailed timeline on Facebook, over 100 people have commented. Many have thanked Tyson for sharing her account including former contestants of previous pageants. Of course, there are those who have criticized Tyson, as well as any former contestant who provided a personal account that does not accuse Donald Trump of being “shocking” and “creepy.” Yet, it should be noted that Tyson’s experience compliments the personal account of fellow 2005 Miss USA contestant, Miss Kansas USA Rachel “Saunders” Imdieke, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

“I remember so clearly because another contestant was obviously and purposely delaying getting dressed for what I can only assume as she wanted to be seen that way. Our chaperones went over directly to her several times and told her she needed to get covered up. This caused lots of frustration from chaperones and some definite looks from other contestants. She did eventually get dressed….with lots of attitude though. Lol! We had plenty of time to prepare for them coming down and were given plenty of warning. There were two dressing rooms my year and some other ladies (ones I care about and respect) describe things differently, but at least in our dressing room we were told they were coming, to get dressed, and given ample time. I imagine it being consistent between the two rooms, but again can only speak for mine.”

The accounts of both Amy Colley Tyson and Rachel “Saunders” Imdieke are not exactly alike and it shouldn’t be. Any event or situation will be viewed differently from those who are a part of it simply because of point-of-view and personal temperament. However, certain details shared between both accounts such as two dressing rooms, numerous chaperones, plenty of time to prepare, and warnings give insight on what happened at that time was generally the same for all who were there.

Ultimately, Amy Colley Tyson providing her account is by no means a way to negate the statements alleged victims’ of the 1997 Miss Teen USA or to endorse a political affiliation. It is simply her, along with her fellow Miss USA sisters, fearlessly speaking truth despite criticism, ostracizing, and the media’s complete fabrication of their statements to satisfy their agendas.

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