‘GTA Online’ Update: Rockstar Games Offering Bikers Bonuses Until October 24, Cash-Back Bonuses End Tomorrow

Earlier this month, Rockstar Games rolled out a major GTA Online update, bringing in Bikers DLC on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. GTA Online: Bikers "brings underground motorcycle clubs to the forefront of the Los Santos and Blaine County criminal underworld with a rash of all new competitive and co-operative gameplay, as well as new modes, vehicles, weapons, clothing, and much more," the official post noted.

A few days ago, Rockstar Games provided another Bikers update, adding two more vehicles and allowing gamers to purchase their sixth property. But aside from the recent additions to the GTA Online: Bikers DLC update, gamers should also be excited about the current bonuses offered by Rockstar Games. The Newswire post revealed that the current set of GTA Online discounts and unlockable rewards are set to be available until October 24.
One of the easiest bonuses to get right now is a free black Western Logo Hoodie which can be obtained by simply logging into GTA Online before the deal ends on October 24. Those who are planning to earn more GTA money can take advantage of the Double GTA$ & RP available in the new Adversary Mode called Slipstream. A special Double GTA$ & RP Playlist which features an assortment of Stunt Races is also ongoing. Rockstar Newswire's post also noted the following.
"If you need extra back-up for your newly formed Motorcycle Club or you're looking for a break from police attention, both Lester and Merryweather have cut their prices in half across their entire catalog of Services."
Furthermore, a 25 percent discount is also available to those who will avail Resprays, Rims, Turbos, or Tire Smoke for a vehicle make-over. Ammu-Nation is on sale as well, with discounts for Bullet Ammo, Body Armor, Tints, Body, Drum and Box Magazines, and Throwables.

GTA Online Update For Free
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Moreover, avid gamers of Rockstar Games' GTA Online only have until tomorrow to rake in more GTA$ when availing Shark Cards. Cash-back bonuses are currently offered on any Bull, Great White, Whale, or Megalodon Shark Card. Grabbed from Rockstar Newswire's post, here's the current rebate bonus rate a GTA player can get using the Shark cards:

  • Bull Shark - 15 percent money back (GTA$75,000)
  • Great White Shark – 30 percent money back (GTA$375,000)
  • Whale Shark – 35 percent money back (GTA$1,225,000)
  • Megalodon Shark – 50 percent money back (GTA$4,000,000)
The post explained that the cash bonus to be earned will automatically be deposited as one lump sum in the gamer's Maze Bank Checking account in GTA Online by October 21. The Shark Cards can be purchased in-game, via online or through retailers.

Rockstar Games' GTA Online Bikers DLC seems to be getting positive feedback from the gaming community.

"I've only just begun to dig into the DLC so I haven't even scratched the surface but I'm impressed by how Rockstar continues to churn out such high-end online content," said Brandon Russel of TechnoBuffalo. "The Bikers DLC feels a lot different from the other stuff that's been added to GTA Online, and it feels like you're crawling into an underworld that's more raw and authentic."

As for other news, it looks like Rockstar Games is gearing up for a Red Dead Redemption announcement. The same company that brought the massively popular video game Grand Theft Auto to the gaming world posted a Twitter image (without any caption) depicting a red version of the company's logo, which apparently matches Red Dead Redemption's motif.

Is this a tease for upcoming news pertaining to the western action-adventure video game? Could this be a sequel reveal? Or, is this a hint about an announcement about Red Ded Redemption's re-release for PS4 or PC? We won't know officially until Rockstar Games makes the announcement.

The Inquisitr will continue to keep you in the loop for more news and updates from Rockstar Games.

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