Black Friday 2016: The PS4 Slim And Xbox One S Could See Discounts Of $50 This Holiday Season

While Black Friday 2016 is still over a month away, many frugal shoppers have already started their holiday shopping research. According to, over 1 million Americans had already completed their holiday shopping before October even began, but the majority is still eyeing Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday for the biggest bargains of the year.

During Black Friday last year, the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 were two of the more popular items. Both consoles were widely available for only $299.99, and many of them were bundled with various games and accessories. Some stores even included gift cards, so the net price for select Xbox One and PS4 bundles was only $249.99.

With Microsoft releasing the Xbox One S and Sony releasing the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, gamers are now looking to upgrade from their old models. Since none of the new consoles have been out a long time, discounts could be fairly scarce compared to last year. Regardless, it is likely you will be able to find savings on the majority of the new gaming bundles this year.

The average discount should be around $50 off for all of the new Xbox One S models and the PS4 Slim, as predicted by

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Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Black Friday 2016 Predictions

PS4 Slim Black Friday 2016 Predictions

Released on September 15, 2016, the PS4 Slim is Sony’s answer to the Xbox One S. While it does not offer any significant hardware or gameplay upgrades, it is a lighter and smaller console, which allows gamers more flexibility for storing and transporting their PS4. Additionally, it is available for only $299.99, which is what the original PS4 sold for on Black Friday last year.

Since the PS4 Slim has only been out a month, stores are not going to be able to offer significant discounts on Black Friday. For stores that do offer discounted bundles, expect an average discount of around $50, which means you will be able to get a new PS4 Slim for only $249.99. For retailers that do not offer direct discounts, expect a $50 gift card included with your purchase, which will make the net price for your PS4 Slim bundle only $249.99. When everything else is equal, always go for the direct discount.

Since the new PS4 Pro, which has hardware upgrades and a 1 TB hard drive, will not even be released until November 10, 2016, it is going to be even harder for stores to offer discounts on Black Friday. Expect to pay the full $399.99 retail price, but some stores may include a gift card valued at around $50.

Microsoft Xbox One S Black Friday 2016 Predictions

PS4 Black Friday 2016 Predictions

Like the new Sony PS4 Slim, Microsoft also released a line of slimmer Xbox One consoles last summer. Some games may perform better on the new consoles, but the major upgrade was the slimmer and lighter design. Here are the retail price points for each size.

  • 500GB Xbox One S: Starts at $299
  • 1TB Xbox One S: Starts at $349
  • 2TB Xbox One S: Starts at $399

Since the average Black Friday discount for gaming bundles is around $50, here is what you can expect on Black Friday.

  • 500GB Xbox One S: Starts at $249 (save $50)
  • 1TB Xbox One S: Starts at $299 (save $50)
  • 2TB Xbox One S: Starts at $349 (save $50)

For stores that do not offer direct discounts, expect gift cards to be packaged with your bundle. Some stores may even offer the $50 direct discount and include a store gift card too. It is really going to depend on the retailer, and you should shop around before making any final purchasing decisions.

One store to keep an eye on for Xbox One bundle deals is Dell. On Black Friday last year, they offered the top Xbox One bundle, which included the console, two games, an extra controller, and a headset for only $299.99. They could have creative Xbox One S bundles this year with additional games.

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