Donald Trump: ‘Drug Test’ Both Candidates Before Third Debate Wednesday

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke at a Portsmouth, New Hampshire rally today where he proposed that both he and Democrat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton submit to a drug test before the third presidential debate, scheduled for 9 p.m. ET, Wednesday, October 19, at the University of Nevada, as reported by U.S. Presidential Election News.

The Trump drug test challenge to Clinton was presented to those assembled at a Toyota dealership as being similar to professional athletes being tested for performance enhancing drugs, as reported by the Huffington Post.

“I think she’s actually getting pumped up,” Trump stated to the crowd of New Englanders. “She’s getting pumped up. You understand?”

Donald Trump spoke about revelations from WikiLeaks with regard to the treatment of Senator Bernie Sanders by the Clinton campaign and the DNC before pivoting back to the professional athlete analogy again.

“But we’re like athletes, right? So athletes, they’re making them more and more, but athletes, they make them take a drug test, right?” Trump spoke to his supporters. “I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate.”

Upon receiving what appeared to be some agreement from those gathered, Trump reiterated that both he and Clinton should submit to a drug test before the Wednesday-evening debate.

The Republican stated that he doesn’t “know what’s going on” with his Democratic colleague. He described Clinton as being “pumped up” at the beginning of the second presidential debate and described her state as being “like, take me down” at its finale.

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump: Drug test for each candidate before next presidential debate, Wednesday evening, at the University of Nevada?

“She could barely reach her car,” the Republican continued to sell the presidential Clinton-Trump drug test pledge proposal.

The move by Donald Trump may be in part to at least two, now retracted, allegations that the GOP-pick for president of the United States exhibited behavior similar to that of a cocaine user in each of the last two presidential debates.

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean commented that Donald Trump exhibited symptoms consistent with that of a cocaine user at the first presidential debate. The remarks were noteworthy because besides being a former governor, Dean is a physician. He has since apologized for the Trump drug-usage comments, as reported by Snopes.

The second Trump drug-usage accuser was Carrie Fisher, of Star Wars Princess Leia fame, who replied “I’m an expert & ABSOLUTELY” when a Twitter follower asked if she believed that Donald Trump’s sniffling during the second presidential debate could be a sign of cocaine use. Fisher has also retracted her assertion.

“His brother was an alcoholic and died of it. I think it scared him,” Fisher was quoted.

The actress offered the opinion that if Donald Trump was a cocaine user that he would be proud of it and that he “would want you to know.” She was also quoted citing a belief that Donald Trump likes telling the “worst truth to shock you.”

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton drug tests before third presidential debate? The Republican candiate has suggested just that, response from the Democrat remains elusive.

Despite a long list of women that have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of Donald Trump over a period spanning several decades, as reported by the Inquisitr, most recent presidential polls tracked by Real Clear Politics, by the LA Times/USC Tracking, shows the candidates tied. Averages by the polling tracker show Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 48.1 to 41.4 percent, with some individual polls putting the Democrat as much as 10 percentage points ahead.

Five Thirty Eight currently calculates an 85.6 percent chance of a Hillary Clinton win. The odds site gives Donald Trump a 14.4 chance of becoming U.S. president.

A response to the Donald Trump drug test challenge by the Clinton campaign appears to be elusive.

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