Frances Hall, Bill Hall: San Antonio Wife Killed Cheating Hubby In Road Rage Accident Over Mistress, Bonnie Contreras, On CBS ’48 Hours’

The Bill Hall, San Antonio, Texas, death story will air on CBS 48 Hours tonight. Investigators say Bill Hall’s wife, Frances Hall, was so overcome with anger that she drove her husband off the road in a road rage accident, which caused his death. The “accident” came about after Frances Hall saw her husband’s mistress trailing him in one of their other vehicles. The 48 Hours episode detailing the case is titled “Driven To Extremes.” Frances Hall was given just two years in prison, the lightest sentence possible under the law. On the show, viewers will hear from Bill Hall’s daughter and law enforcement officials. The prosecutor and defense attorney will also give their account.

Bill Hall, a millionaire, and owner of Bill Hall Jr. Trucking, was driven off of a San Antonio highway while driving his motorcycle in October, 2013. Prosecutors say it was Frances Hall who caused his death. Investigators say that Frances Hall had just learned weeks earlier that her husband was having an affair with a woman named Bonnie Contreras. Bill Hall had been spending the last few weeks begging Frances Hall to let him come back home, telling her that it would all be different the second time. But authorities say that it was all lies. Bill Hall was still seeing Bonnie Contreras, a much younger woman who had been viciously taunting Frances Hall though texts and social media posts.

On the day of Bill Hall’s death, Frances Hall had no idea that she would be literally running into her husband and his lover as she drove down the highway. My San Antonio details what happened next.

  • Bill Hall’s lover, Bonnie Contreras, sees the accident in her rear view mirror.
  • She also witnessed Bill Hall and his motorcycle flying into the air.
  • A police officer at the scene saw Bill Hall, Jr., take a “huge breath” and grab the ground while telling the officer that he could not breathe.
  • Both women ended up back at the scene to console Bill Hall as he lay dying.

Frances Hall’s supporters say that she did not intentionally kill Bill Hall, her husband of 34 years. On the witness stand, Frances Hall said that she has loved her husband since the first day she met him back in high school, and he loved her. However, Bill Hall, Jr., carried on a three-year affair with his much-younger mistress, and he took care of her by providing her with a place to live and by lavishing her with expensive gifts. Frances Hall was so deeply hurt by the infidelity that it caused her to do something that she would never have done under any other circumstance, according to family members.

Court records show that Bonnie Contreras, a woman who some say is 20-years younger than Bill Hall, was the first person to call Frances Hall to inform her that she was sleeping with her husband. And when it appeared as though Bill Hall might be going back home to his wife, Bonnie Contreras sent explicit videos of herself during various sex encounters with Bill Hall.

From Frances Hall’s perspective, the videos were disturbing and painful. According to Frances, Bill was her one and only lover. It would have been unimaginable to see him in bed having passionate sex with any woman, much less a younger one. When the sexy text messages weren’t enough, Bonnie Contreras called Frances on the phone and unleashed a series of insults, calling her a fat old woman who needed liposuction.

Seeing her husband one last time with his side woman, who gave Frances Hall a quick smirk when she saw her, would have been the ultimate insult. Frances Hall’s family and friends begged the court for mercy, stating that Frances was a good-hearted and loving woman who took care of people. The court listened and sentenced her to only two years in prison.

Mistress Bonnie Contreras made the following post on her Facebook account.

“Oh so warm n cuddled in my bed….still up watching my fav channel OWN….prancing around fb not giving a million damns wht people precieve me to be its sad because the world’s opinion on me doesn’t affect me or my life in any..way..shape or form..never has n never will! Ignorant people’s judgment on me or my situation will always be so irrelevant in my life….people in this vicious world are so quick to judge based on them looking into the crystal ball from the outside in…not looking from the inside out…well I will sit here n say not 1 person tht is judging me knows who I really am….much less knows the situation and wht REALLY happened….God bless every vicious judgmental person out there…I’ll pray for you all and all ur evil tounges!????”

Bonnie Contreras also states in an interview with KENS 5 that she is not a bad person and forgives Frances Hall for what she did. Be sure to watch Frances Hall’s story tonight on CBS 48 Hours, which airs at 10 p.m. Later, weigh in on Twitter with your opinion. Should Frances Hall have received more time in prison or is two years enough time for this scorned woman.

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