Katie Holmes: Between Custody, Adoption, And Wedding News, What Is The Real Story About Holmes And Foxx?

The ongoing rumored saga between Katie Holmes, her ex-husband Tom Cruise, and actor Jamie Foxx is certainly a tough one to follow. From alleged engagement rumors about Katie and Jamie, to fabricated tales about divorce agreements forbidding Katie to date until 2017, it’s simply easy to just ignore it all until the whole scenario is set straight.

The latest rumors that have emerged about Katie and Jamie involve the actress’s daughter, Suri, whom she shares with Tom Cruise. The claims are that Jamie is adopting Suri and is set to wed Holmes in a lavish ceremony. What many are likely thinking is, how can they be marrying if there has been no confirmation that the pair are even dating? In fact, both Katie and Jamie have separately stated that they are nothing more than friends, yet the mill just continues to churn out more apparent details about the relationship and the direction it is headed in.

As for Suri, there is a confusing contradiction of sorts, seeing as one rumor indicates that Tom is seeking full custody of Suri, while another states that Jamie is planning to adopt the little one, who has been primarily in her mother’s care ever since “TomKat” split. As Hollywood Take relays, the tabloid rumor states that Foxx wants to adopt “Holmes’ daughter to prove how serious he is about her and Suri. [Cruise] is determined to get revenge on Jamie for moving in on Katie by preventing Jamie from adopting his daughter.”

The marriage rumors about the two seem to crop up monthly and the two stars are constantly having to shut them down, as the publication notes. Last month a rumor was circulated that Holmes and Foxx are busy planning their “dream wedding.” Holmes’ rep chatted with the celebrity gossip policing site Gossip Cop and stated the story was “100 percent not true.” Likewise, Foxx’s rep debunked the rumor insisting the story was a “complete fabrication,” and Jamie Foxx is “not getting married.”

The relationship rumors that have circulated relentlessly for years now have been constantly shut down by Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. However, friends and sources close to both stars share that although the rumored couple denies any romantic relationship, the two are very much together, yet are doing all they can to keep the relationship private. In March of 2015, a mutual friend to the stars stated that Katie trusts Jamie and she feels more supported by him than she did by Tom Cruise.

“Jamie is someone she can trust and have fun with. he’s getting everything from Jamie that she didn’t get with Tom.”

Two months following this reveal, another source stated that Holmes had told Foxx she loves him and that they continued to try to see each other in secret. Katie was spotted wearing a disguise to go and meet Jamie at his hotel last fall, and also attended his birthday party in December.

This past summer the pair were together at a Barbra Streisand concert where Foxx was performing with the songstress, and sources stated that that they “left from the dressing room area a few minutes apart from each other but she was hanging out in his dressing room with him after the show,” Us Weekly reports.

So what is the truth? It’s simply unknown. Close pals are confirming that the couple have been in a relationship for an entire three years now, while the pair are still adamantly denying they are any more than friends, yet there is evidence that the two are spending time together frequently. So are they simply friends, or is it a private romance?

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