Trump News: As Number Of Trump Accusers In Sexual Assault Allegations Grow Nearing 2016 Election Day, It’s Crushing Republicans In Battleground States’ Election Polls

The latest Trump news from battleground state election polls isn’t good for the Republican presidential campaign and its nominee. It seems clear that the ever growing number of sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump are damaging Trump’s prospects in these swing states as the 2016 election day approaches.

The Problem for Trump

News organizations have released video and audio tapes in which Donald Trump seems to be bragging about sexually assaulting women on multiple occasions. In the tapes, Trump was speaking either to Billy Bush or Howard Stern several years ago. The release of these tapes has severely damaged Donald Trump’s election polls results.

As reported by ABC, and in even worse news for the Republican Party, Trump’s denial at the second presidential debate that he ever actually did any of the things he claimed to do in the tapes led to a number of women coming forward to say Donald Trump assaulted them. There are 12 Trump accusers at the time of this writing, and the number is increasing, almost hourly.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Donald Trump’s response to all of this has been to attack the accusers. At Trump news conferences and rallies, some of the Republican nominee’s most recent statements imply a vast left-wing conspiracy – but without any proof. Trump even flatly states – astonishingly – that some of the Trump accusers simply weren’t attractive enough for him to assault.

“She would not be my first choice, that I can tell you.”

As reported by WFAE, Donald Trump’s assertion in Charlotte that “I am a victim” is part of his overall conspiracy theory response to the sexual assault allegations scandal. He and his campaign have also implied that Democratic operatives are behind the multiple Trump accusers and that the result will be a “stolen election.”

Election Polls News

Trump is not only behind nationally in most of the reputable election polls – more importantly for the Trump campaign – he is reported by CNN to be falling behind in the all important battleground states. If Donald Trump can’t win these, he is not going to win the 2016 presidential election.

In Florida, the latest PPP poll shows Hillary Clinton ahead by four points in a four-person race. The Opinion Savvy poll in Florida shows Clinton ahead three points in a four-person race. Only weeks ago, Trump had a substantial lead in this major battleground state.

The latest Trump news in Ohio isn’t much better. According to the Emerson College poll, Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump 45 to 43. Only days ago – before the newest crop of Trump accusers came forward with new sexual assault allegations – Trump led by one point in Ohio.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks at rally in Las Vegas.
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks at rally in Las Vegas. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

The same poll has Donald Trump losing to Hillary Clinton by four points in North Carolina. The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll yields the same results in a four-person race. Again, it was only days ago that Donald Trump had a substantial lead in this major southern battleground state.

According to CBS News, in the wake of the Trump sexual assault allegations, Pennsylvania – where Republicans actually at one point thought they could pull off a major upset over Hillary Clinton – is now firmly in the Democratic camp. In a four-person race, a Bloomberg poll gives Hillary Clinton a massive nine point lead over Trump.

According to the most recent Marquette poll, the situation in Wisconsin is quite similar, with Hillary Clinton holding a seven point lead in a four-person race. Because Wisconsin had started leaning far to the right in recent elections, the Trump campaign thought they had a shot there.

Given that the tide of sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump doesn’t appear to be ebbing, we can expect Donald Trump news conferences, rallies, and photo ops to focus on this subject almost exclusively right up to election day.

[Featured Image by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)