Kim Kardashian: How Paris Robbery Is Causing Marital Problems With Kanye West — Divorce Ahead?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had one of the biggest arguments yet, it has been claimed, after the rapper told his wife he would be leaving her to continue his touring duties in Chicago.

Just days after Kim was held at gunpoint in Paris, she flew back home to Los Angeles, where insiders say she has felt the safest — especially now that she has an entourage of security guards protecting her Bel-Air mansion at all times.

But even with the additional security at her home, Kim was stunned to learn that Kanye was not going to take time off from work to be by her side after the incident that almost cost the reality star her life.

A whopping $11 million worth of personal belongings were stolen from her Paris apartment, so not only has she been dealing with the insurance claims, Kim Kardashian is slowly trying to overcome the events that took place, and that’s all whilst she’s caring for her two children, North and Saint.

But with Kanye not by her side, the reality star reportedly feels as if the “Fade” rapper is neglecting her at a time where she needs him the most, Radar Online reveals.

The outlet makes it known that Kanye West has very much tried to help Kim in all ways possible, but he doesn’t seem to understand why he should stay at home in Bel-Air, having already paid millions for the production costs concerning his tour.

With Kim already secluding herself from the world, she is believed to miss out on $1 million a month depending on how long she ends up staying out of the spotlight. With that being the case, if Kanye ends up canceling his tour for Kardashian’s needs, neither of the two will have a steady income.

“Kim was livid that Kanye went to Chicago instead of staying with her and the kids! She canceled everything and if there is ever a time that she needed Kanye by her side, it was right now,” the source tells Radar Online.

Kanye spent a fortune on his fashion line, and his decision to spend more than $20 million on two properties in Calabasas and Bel-Air has definitely set him back.

Kim Kardashian reportedly thinks that her husband is being selfish by not remaining by her side after she was almost killed.

“He put his fans before his family and, of course, that made Kardashian super upset,” the insider added, according to Gossip Cop.

“Kim told her sisters she could not believe that Kanye was going to Chicago when she needed him the most. Before leaving Kim and the kids, Kanye told her someone’s gotta pay the bills! Needless to say, West’s harsh words to his fragile wife caused a blowout fight!”

Their latest blowup comes just weeks after reports claimed Kim and Kanye’s arguments are only getting worse. The twosome are allegedly bickering so much, Kris Jenner was quick to stress that the couple needs to seek some kind of therapeutic help, convinced that if it continues the way it’s been going, a divorce will be near.

Sources say that Kim Kardashian “isn’t doing well,” reportedly finding it hard to sleep at night without her friends sleeping over. As of right now, she has no plans of making her anticipated return to the limelight just yet.

What do you make of Kim Kardashian and how she has handled the situation?

[Featured Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]