‘Teen Mom OG’ Sneak Peek: Taylor McKinney Talks Bentley, Gushes About Being A Step-Dad [VIDEO]

Maci’s Bookout’s husband, Taylor McKinney, is really a standup guy! The Teen Mom OG star gushed over Maci’s son Bentley Edwards during a beer-drinking hang out session with his guy pals and said some really sweet things about his stepson.

In a new sneak peek for the upcoming episode of the hit MTV reality TV series Teen Mom OG that was filmed before Maci and Taylor’s recent wedding (as previously reported by the Inquisitr), Taylor opened up to his friends about what it’s been like for him since he stepped up as a father figure to Maci’s 7-year-old son, whom she shares with her ex-fiance Ryan Edwards.

The sneak peek clip opened with a shot of the Teen Mom OG stars’ new home in Tennessee. Taylor put his newborn son Maverick down for a nap so he could join his bearded pals for a couple of beers, while Maci settled back on a couch in the couple’s living room.

Taylor and his buds Ryan and Jerid cracked open cans of beer and they made a toast to Taylor’s son before settling down for some guy talk.

Taylor’s friend asked the Teen Mom OG star how his daily schedule has changed now that he’s a father to three kids—he also shares Maverick and 18-month-old daughter Jayde with Maci—and Taylor also helps parent Maci’s first son, Bentley.

“It’s definitely chaotic,” Taylor said as he scratched his beard. “Like now, it’s every morning I take him and Jayde to daycare, drop Bentley off at his summer camp, and then go to work and then pick the three of them up later. I mean, it’s definitely chaotic.”

Little Maverick cooed in the background as Taylor’s friend Ryan reminded him that on top of all of his other responsibilities as a dad, Taylor also coaches Bentley’s little league baseball team on the weekends.

“State champions,” the Teen Mom OG star said proudly.

“So it never ends,” his friend said, laughing. “Dad of the year over here.”

Maci’s son Bentley was visiting over at his biological father Ryan Edward’s house while Taylor’s friends were over. But the topic of their conversation remained on the little Teen Mom OG star. McKinney’s friend Ryan mentioned that even though Bentley may not appreciate all that Taylor does for him right now, he assured Taylor that once Bentley grows up he’ll understand that his stepdad was there for him not because he felt obligated to, but because he wanted to.

“It’s weird because I don’t feel like I’m doing anything extra, it’s just the way I was raised,” McKinney said as he gushed over his stepson Bentley in the Teen Mom OG sneak peek. “I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.”

McKinney went on to explain that he knew that he was going to be taking on the role of a father figure to Maci’s son when he committed to their relationship and moved from his home in Texas into Maci’s home in Tennessee. He also revealed that he doesn’t treat his stepson Bentley any differently than he would treat his own biological children with Maci.

“I mean, to me, he’s mine,” Mckinney said. “And not that I’m trying to replace Ryan [Edwards], it’s just that when he lives over here, I don’t want him to feel any different. I don’t want him to feel like he’s a stepson and I’m favoring them, you know what I mean? If anything I feel like I go out of my way to put him first before my own—I mean, I got his name tattooed on me. He’s there for life.”

The camera zoomed in a little bit as McKinney showed off a tattoo on his forearm of an anatomically correct heart. Surrounding the image were the names of McKinney’s three children—Maverick, Jayde and Bentley.

“I just keep waiting for that day when he’s gonna be like, ‘You ain’t my daddy,'” Taylor said, laughing and gesturing towards his tattoo.

Watch the sweet clip below and be sure to catch the next episode of Teen Mom OG, airing Mondays at 9/8c. on MTV.

[Featured Image by Maci Bookout/Instagram]

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