Kim Kardashian Robbery: Fake Airsoft Guns And Robber Costume Used By Rob Kardashian & Scott Disick To Stage Fake Hijack Of DASH Store In 2008 ‘KUWTK’ Episode [Video]

Kim Kardashian’s first experience of robbery at gunpoint may have been at the hands of younger brother Rob Kardashian and brother-in-law Scott Disick. In a Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode in 2008, Rob and Scott burglarized the DASH store in a staged robbery to teach the Kardashian sisters a lesson in safety and the importance of having a bodyguard near at all times. The duo’s robber costume was complete with black ski masks, hoodies, and fake airsoft guns. Rob and Scott hijacked the DASH women’s boutique during closing hours in this elaborate robbery hoax. Rob told Scott his sinister plans of staging the fake robbery at the DASH store.

“You know how Khloe and Kourtney and Kim took self defense classes? What they need is a security guard. We’re gonna go rob them and teach them a lesson… gonna scare the sh*t out of them, like straight up, we’re gonna walk in there… I got these fake guns.”

Kardashian Robbery Hoax At DASH Store

KUWTK’s Season 2 episode titled “Learning Self Defense” shows the Kardashian sisters taking self-defense classes after the DASH store was vandalized. Rob Kardashian, however, still felt his sisters were taking matters of security too lightly. They did not have security guards. Rob orchestrated a fake robbery with partner-in-crime Scott Disick.

“My sister’s aren’t listening to me at all. They need to get a security guard so I come up with this idea and I want Scott to be apart of this as well, does he want his girlfriend [Kourtney] in danger? I don’t think so.”

In the episode, Rob meets Scott Disick at a restaurant wearing a long-sleeved black shirt and jeans. Rob arrives with a bag presumably filled with the robber costume Disick will wear during the fake robbery. Scott shares three children with Rob’s oldest sister Kourtney Kardashian. Scott jokes with Rob saying he’s going in for “blood.” Rob and Disick, dressed in black hoodies, wore ski masks and used fake airsoft guns to hijack the DASH store.

“I’m going in there for blood, you got me involved in this, ain’t no turning back, kid… Let’s really go rob somebody.”

Cut to the security footage in the DASH store. Two robbers run into the store, pointing fake guns at the Kardashian sisters and store employees. The men begin yelling, “Get on the ground!” as Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe scream and run for cover. Khloe recognizes Scott, starts laughing, and jumps on him.

“You guys have no security… You guys should have security… this should teach you a lesson.”

Kim asks the fake robbers why they did this and was told it was done as a “reality check” to teach them a lesson on security. Kourtney then says they will definitely hire security guards to be there at all times.

“We will definitely hire a security guard to be here at all times when we’re there.”

Was Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery Faked?

Kim K. is still traumatized after the late night robbery in Paris, according to sister Khloe. Men dressed as police officers held the Selfish author at gunpoint, robbing her of $10 million dollars worth of jewelry, including her upgraded, 20-carat diamond ring. Kardashian, 35, was bound and gagged at her hands and feet, while being held at gunpoint in her luxury Parisian hotel. With a gun to her head, the reality star’s mouth was taped as she was tossed into the bathtub, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office.

kim kardashian robbery
Kim Kardashian diamond ring stolen in Paris robbery. [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

The armed men gained access to Kardashian’s private apartment after five men threatened the apartment building’s concierge with a weapon, handcuffed him, forcing him to open the private apartment, says the French Interior Ministry, according to CNN. The heist occurred at the No Name Hotel in Paris.

“She’s [Kim Kardashian] not doing that well. It’s incredibly traumatic, what happened to her, but our family is superclose and great and we’ll get through it together…”

Kim Kardashian Sues Over Claims She Faked Her Robbery

A video has just been released pertaining to the $10 million dollar jewelry robbery, according to International Business Times. Kim filed a federal lawsuit against the website MediaTakeOut for three posts they featured in regard to the Kardashian jewelry heist in Paris, leaving many to question the details of Kim K’s robbery, TMZ reports. International Business Times reveals MediaTakeOut‘s blog post suggests Kardashian “staged” her own robbery, allowed the robbers into her luxury hotel room, and “just committed a FEDERAL CRIME.”

The website alleged the mother of two had a role in planning the heist in an attempt to fool her insurance company for a big payday. Kim Kardashian is reported to be represented by attorney Marty Singer who wants it to be known that the website MediaTakeOut’s claims about Kim are false.


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Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume Removed From Website

Kim Kardashian Robbery Costume Pulled From Amazon

The Halloween costume inspired by Kardashian’s Paris robbery was deemed too inappropriate and has been pulled from the company’s website. The company Costumeish created the costume that created the uproar, with many feeling it was tasteless and an exploitation of a human beings’ traumatic event.

What do you think of Rob Kardashian and Scott Disick robbing the Kardashian store with fake guns? Was this a good idea for a television storyline? Could stunts like these be the reason many believe the Kardashian robbery in Paris was faked? Sound off in the comments section below.

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