Parking Garage Collapse Leaves 1 Dead, Two Trapped In Florida

Two construction workers are trapped and another is dead after a parking garage collapsed at Miami-Dade College in Florida.

According to ABC, several other workers were injured when the parking garage collapsed. Four were taken to the hospital, one in serious condition, and another three were treated at the scene. The two trapped workers have been able to communicate with rescue teams via cellphones.

It’s unclear what caused the garage to collapse.

Victoria Buczynski, who witnessed the building fall from across the street, said:

“It fell to the ground like a house of cards … The construction workers started running out, screaming. It was loud. Our entire building shook.”

Doral Police Chief Ricardo Gomez said that no students were hurt in the accident. Gomez said that rescue workers were trying to reach the trapped construction workers but were being cautious due to the unknown structural integrity of the building.

Gomez said:

“If there’s any good news out of this it’s that this is a parking garage was under construction. Right now, we’re doing a head count to see how many people are missing. The issue is the structural integrity of the garage has been compromised to the point that it’s unsafe to get into the garage.”

USA Today reports that the $22.5 million project was started in February. It was expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Here’s a video report.