Charlie Hunnam Puts His Fitness To The Test To Raise Awareness For Veterans’ Military Health

Charlie Hunnam is using his tough on-screen persona to motivate military veterans who become frustrated with their lives while facing the brutalities of the army life.

Charlie Hunnam earned popularity through his role of Jax Teller, the leader of an outlaw motorcycle club, who was the main protagonist of Sons of Anarchy, FX’s popular crime drama series. Recently, Charlie Hunnam became the latest celebrity to provide support to veterans by taking the “22 Push-Up Challenge” as part of his support towards 22Kill, a global movement that aims to raise funds to help veterans who suffer from mental health issues and empowerment problems.

The program also finances counseling services that can help veteran soldiers and their family members to improve their lives. The challenge requires a person to upload a video that shows him or her completing 22 press-ups for 22 days. The person who uploads the video nominates another person to take on the challenge. According to Just Jared, Charlie Hunnam featured in an Instagram video that shows him speaking about the relevance of the challenge in highlighting the harsh reality that is faced by soldiers today.

“Raise awareness for the fact that on average 22 American service men and women take their lives every day. Send some support for our troops. My brothers and sisters out there, stay strong.”

Even though his tough character in Sons of Anarchy is shown to sacrifice his life, Charlie Hunnam has urged soldiers to remain mentally tough. By taking up the challenge, celebrities like Charlie are creating awareness about the 22Kill movement and encouraging fans to donate funds by buying related merchandise associated with the movement.

Other than Charlie Hunnam, the “22 Push-Up Challenge” has been undertaken by celebrities like Dwayne Johnson, Chris Evans, David Beckham, Guy Ritchie, and John Krasinski. However, each celebrity has been known to take up the challenge only once. According to Just Jared, Charlie Hunnam has gone a step further than his counterparts by taking up the challenge eight times.

For a celebrity like Charlie Hunnam whose daily workout comprises of 150 push-ups, completing 22 push-ups for a humanitarian cause is not a daunting task by any means. However, the Crimson Peak actor deserves to be appreciated for dedicating his valuable time to raise awareness for the campaign. According to Foods 4 Better Health, Charlie Hunnam spends a considerable amount of time in the gym where he also follows a rigorous 20-minute abs workout comprised of different abdominal exercises.

He strives to strengthen other muscles by completing about 20 various types of crunches that include a combination of side and regular crunches. The actor also includes leg lifts along with squats, dips, and pull-ups in his workout that helps him to maintain a healthy and focused mind. More importantly, Charlie Hunnam has suggested that people who seek to follow his example have fun and enjoy their workout by following a fast pace.

Considering Brad Pitt’s character in Fight Club as a benchmark for developing his physique, Charlie Hunnam takes extra precautions by avoiding foods that are over-processed and those that are high in fat and carbs. Instead, the actor relies on natural foods and a lean protein diet that primarily consists of grilled meat and fish.

Despite playing the role of a tough character on the television screen, Charlie Hunnam has earlier admitted that he is a thorough gentleman whose persona is far from the bad boy image he projected while playing Jax Teller. However, fans who still identify the actor with Jax Teller remain hopeful that their favorite television personality will return once again to the series when a prequel or a spin-off is produced.

Earlier, the chances of Charlie Hunnam returning to the Sons of Anarchy franchise appeared to be bleak as Charlie had reportedly fought with Kurt Sutter, the show’s producer, who had also revealed that the prequel would be based on John Teller, the father of Jax Teller. However, Mobile & Apps reports that the two celebrities are still on good terms with each other as Kurt also accepted the “22 Push-Up Challenge” that was shared with him by Charlie.

Even though the producer is taking the challenge, it is still not confirmed whether Charlie Hunnam will feature in a possible Sons of Anarchy prequel, sequel, or movie spin-off.

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