Women For Trump: Yes, Donald Trump Has Female Supporters

The recently trending hashtag #RepealThe19th sent social media platforms and media outlets into a frenzy as everyone started to question whether or not Donald Trump and Mike Pence had any women supporting their campaign.

Infuriated to see the hashtag #RepealThe19th trending on social media and news outlets starting to report that Donald Trump supporters “demanded” the repeal of a woman’s right to vote, female supporters of Trump took to the street to protest. These supporters were holding up signs which had “Women For Trump” plastered across them. The phrase “Women For Trump” has started to pick up some steam on social media platforms as well.

Naturally, not all social media users are seeing “Women For Trump” in a very positive light.

The #RepealThe19th hashtag quickly blew up on Twitter. The Inquisitr reveals the hashtag was nothing more than trolls, news, and maybe even Hillary supporters blowing a map that revealed what the polls would look like if only men voted way out of proportion.

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to start blaming the original source of the map for causing the hashtag to trend.

Naturally, there were a number of users on Twitter who also quickly took offense to the #RepealThe19th hashtag.

Some even questioned whether or not it was Hillary supporters who actually started the #RepealThe19th hashtag in order to help Hillary.

According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump has tons of women support. These women for Trump claim that they may not like every single aspect of Donald and disregard some of his less appealing attributes because of the changes he plans to make after becoming president. For example, his promise to tighten up the United States control on immigration is more appealing to these women for Trump than what vulgar thing he did or didn’t say.

“I am voting for policies, not the personalities,” Suzanne Conaway, wife of Rep. K. Michael Conaway, said.

“I am voting on America’s future, not on Trump’s past,” said Carolyn Yoho, wife of Rep. Ted Yoho.

These women for Trump claim there is a bigger picture to look at than what Trump has done in his past or what kind of person he is. Trump’s female supporters are able to continue to support Donald despite what he says or how he feels about women because of the changes he is promising and the policies he is fighting for.

“The Clinton regime and machine has been rife with corruption for years and years and years and we don’t want to go down that path again.”

Since the video of Donald Trump making vulgar comments about sexual assault against women surfaced, there have been a few women who have come forward to claim Trump had groped them or made unwanted sexual advances towards them. The women with Trump are aware of the reports and claims that have been made, but are skeptical as to whether or not they are true because they believe the media has a bias against Trump. Some are also arguing that the timing of these women coming forward – so soon after the release of the tape – is awfully convenient.

Donald Trump does have female supporters

The biggest thing women with Trump want people to know is the fact that they are aware of the vulgar comments Trump makes, but they can forgive him for these comments because they believe he is the best candidate.

Is the media being purposely biased against Trump? Did the map claiming women prefer Hillary Clinton and men prefer Donald Trump inaccurate? The statement “Women For Trump” is floating around social media and on poster boards at protests and rallies. Does Donald Trump have more women support than people given him credit for? Share your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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