Bill Clinton’s Alleged Son, Danney Williams, Want His Kids To Meet Their Grandfather

Danney Williams, who claims to be Bill Clinton's illegitimate son, says he has told his own children that they will get to meet their grandfather, the former president, someday.

Williams himself has been seeking to meet his alleged dad for the first time with no success so far.

Separately, according to Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report, CNN has spiked the Danney Williams story on orders from above.

"CNN boss Jeff Zucker has directly ordered network staff not to cover shocking allegations made my Arkansas resident Danney Williams...'Jeff thinks it is a ridiculous hoax,' a top CNN source reveals," says Drudge.

Williams is the son of a Little Rock, Arkansas, prostitute who supposedly had relations with Bill Clinton on multiple occasions and allegedly got pregnant by him, but has never been acknowledged by Bill Clinton, whom he has attempted to contact many times. The family supposedly received cash in the mail every month along with Christmas gifts delivered by state troopers, but all that ended when Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992. Williams and his aunt, who raised him while his mom was in jail, went to the governor's mansion at one point but were chased away.

On his Twitter feed, Danney Williams states that "I am Danny Lee Williams, I am the son of former President Bill Clinton. All I want to do is shake my father's hand, so please help me get my message to my father by liking and sharing my videos. Thank you."

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Danney has been pleading with the Clintons to just recognize him for who he is, but says instead he has been completely ignored. The 30-year-old father says he has written letters to Bill Clinton, sent him emails, wrote letters to his presidential library, and even tried to contact the former POTUS via Facebook, but he has never received a response.

Earlier this week, Danney Williams released a YouTube video called "Banished -- the untold story of Danney Williams," in which he discusses his difficult upbringing.

Williams likens his treatment by the Clintons to the way the wife of a slave owner would banish a child from the plantation if he or she was the offspring of the slave owner and a slave.

Williams was shuttled off to foster homes while Chelsea Clinton grew up a child of privilege, he notes in the video.

"In 1995 when my father was president of the United States, the state of Arkansas put us in foster care. I lived in foster homes. It made me feel horrible because I know his child, Chelsea, was well taken care of and we was house to house, hungry at nights, and to know that my father was the president, it hurts."

On the video, Danney Williams expresses confidence in his paternity.

"I have no doubt that I am Bill Clinton's son. It was common knowledge, everyone in Arkansas knew. Everywhere I went, they pointed out: 'It's Bill Clinton's son right there. You look like him, don't you? The ears, the mouth, the chin, the teeth, the eyes, the nose. I see him in me. You can see a black Bill Clinton...I always feel bad about him not wanting to be in my life. Was it because I was black? Was there something wrong with me? Why he don't want to be a part of me? It made me even think of sometimes suicide."
On the campaign trail recently, someone confronted Bill Clinton about Danney Williams, but the ex-POTUS offered no response.
Williams also disputes a The Star magazine report about a prior DNA test. There has never been a DNA test, according to Danney, but Williams insist he wants to take one.

"People say all the time, 'you're gonna get yourself killed dealing with the Clintons,'" he added in an ominous note.

Danney Williams also claims he showed up at a Hillary Clinton Little Rock campaign speech recently in an attempt to make contact with his alleged stepmother who supposedly made eye contact with him.

"It made me wonder. She says Black Lives Matter, why I don't matter to her? I was going to introduce myself as Danney Williams, your husband's son and her stepson. It begs the question, why? As soon as she spoke, she got out of there."
Parenthetically, according to The Smoking Gun, Danney Williams allegedly has a long rap sheet.
"Williams is actually a convicted felon and ex-con who fathered five children by the age of 21 and has been sued by state officials for failing to pay child support. He was released last year from state prison, has been busted for passing bad checks, repeatedly violated probation, and copped to the frequent use of marijuana (which he began smoking at age nine)."
If Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are the dad and stepmom, respectively, of Danney Williams and refuse to acknowledge him, does that make them racist?

Watch the nine-minute Danney Williams video and decide for yourself if it is plausible that he is Bill Clinton's son.

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