Newborn Beaten To Death By Homeless Teen, Child’s Parents Invited Her Into Their Home

A newborn baby is dead, and a family is reeling from the horrifying loss. However, justice is being served. The Huffington Post reports that a teenage girl has admitted in court to the violent slaying of the six-week-old infant, but will the conviction of the teenage murderer bring closure to the victim’s mourning parents?

The shocking incident took place earlier this year. The unnamed family in Saskatoon, Canada, met the 16-year-old girl while she was homeless. The family invited the teen into their home, citing in court that she had “no place to go.” Instead of showing gratitude for this family’s act of compassion toward a stranger, the teenage girl committed a horrifically unthinkable crime.

The 16-year-old homeless girl, who isn’t being named due to the Youth Criminal Justice Act of Canada, beat the newborn infant to the point of near-death and left him in his crib to be discovered later. He died the next day in the hospital, unable to fight against the injuries the teen had inflicted on him during the savage beating.

This isn’t the first time a teenager has committed such a gruesome act against those who showed him or her compassion. In 2007, a 15-year-old Ontario girl viciously murdered a three-year-old child in the home of a family who were fostering her. CBC News reports that the unnamed teenager had only been in her new foster home for a day when she smothered the toddler to death with a pillow. She then smeared the boy with her own blood and then left a note, bragging about what she had done. She taunted the mother of the slain toddler, stating that his last word was “Moma.”

In another horrifying case, two teenage girls murdered an elderly couple so they could be free to do what they wanted. Holly Harvey stabbed her grandparents to death, who had only opened their home to her with love and compassion, so she could be with her lover, Sandy Ketchum. Both teens will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Earlier this year, a father reportedly stopped a man from raping his seven-year-old daughter in his own home. Unfortunately, the person accused of attempting the rape was a man that the family had invited into their home for the night. The Daily Mail reports that Sebastian Alonzo was a co-worker of the father, who let him stay the night in the home because he wanted to lend him a helping hand.

As for this latest case out of Canada, the unnamed teen has entered a guilty plea to second-degree murder. The circumstances surrounding the violent beating of the deceased infant haven’t been fully clarified in media reports, so it’s not known at this time why the teen will be convicted of second-degree murder instead of first-degree or any other associated charges. The family of the slain newborn wants the teenager to be sentenced as an adult, and the prosecution appears to agree with this sentiment.

Meanwhile, the public is expressing outrage against the teenage girl who has admitted to killing the newborn baby. Protesters have been pictured by the mainstream media toting signs that call the teenager a variety of names. Those who are angered by the death of the infant are calling for the 16-year-old to get life imprisonment for her crimes.

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