‘Bachelor’ Star Nick Viall Is Setting Himself Up For Heartbreak, But By Who?

Nick Viall is setting himself up to be heartbroken as the lead of The Bachelor. There are rumblings that Nick fears being rejected, but by who?

According to the latest blog posted by Reality Steve, Nick will have his heart broken, but he’s not referring to a woman in this case.

Steve writes that Nick Viall has always had an ego, but it’s elevated to the point that he wants to be more than a “great” Bachelor. From what Steve’s sources have told him, Viall wants to be the “best” Bachelor star fans have ever seen. He’s determined to make America fall in love with him and deliver the kind of entertainment they’ve come to expect from the reality franchise. His interest is about creating great TV.


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Steve points out that no matter how great of a season Nick Viall has on The Bachelor, he won’t be able to please everyone. No one can please everyone — that’s a basic fact. In Steve’s words, Nick wants the approval of everyone. If that’s true, he’s in for a shock.

The Bachelor spoilers writer adds that Nick even wants approval from social media trolls.

“I can’t give up sources on this, but the stories I’ve heard are mind blowing. At least to me. I just can’t believe how much he cares what random twitter and social media trolls think. But he does. A LOT. So coming off Bachelor in Paradise with a narrative that seemed to turn in his favor, Nick is riding on Cloud 9 heading into Bachelor filming and, as he should, wants to keep that going.”

Despite Nick Viall’s greatest efforts, there’s no way he’ll make all of his viewers happy. Wait until he falls for a woman that half of the fans won’t like or does or says something no one likes. How will he contend with that rejection?

If it’s true that Nick Viall is obsessed with winning 100 percent approval as the lead on The Bachelor, he’s in for a big heartbreak.

Reality Steve continues on his blog that Viall has done three shows in the Bachelor franchise and understands the process better than anyone. He even moved to LA to take acting lessons and is media savvy to boot. He’s acutely aware of how to answer questions and say certain things, and he knows what’s expected of him for the show.

Steve explains that Nick Viall knows what he’s getting himself into, but he’s being unrealistic if he thinks he can win all of America’s hearts.

“Nick is most certainly out for a lot of people’s acceptance doing this show. He’ll get it from some, but I don’t think it’ll really be much different than any other season to be honest.”

The angle of Steve’s post was supported in part by a spoiler he released on Thursday. Viall gave the first impression rose to a contestant unlike others on the show in seasons past, and it sparked the notion that it’s entirely possible this is tied to what the Bachelor spoilers guru has been told.

Should fans question if Nick is on the show for the right reasons? He’s struck out at love three times already in the franchise, and he’s made people believe that he wants to find his soul mate this time. Hopefully, he’ll avoid heartbreak and accept that not everyone will like him or what he does next season. Otherwise, the outcome of his stint on the show could be a disaster.

The Bachelor 2017 with Nick Viall premieres on Monday, January 2 at 8 p.m., ET/PT on ABC.

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