‘Walking Dead’ Season 7: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Clarifies ‘TWD’ Spoiler On Negan’s Kill, Does He Cut Off Rick’s Hand In ‘Right Hand Man?’ [Spoilers]

Walking Dead fans have been reading all week that Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, allegedly confirmed one of the big TWD Season 7 rumors: that Negan killed two people in that Walking Dead lineup at the end of the Season 6 finale. Many fans embraced that theory and believe Negan kills Abraham and Glenn (Michael Cudlitz and Steven Yeun), but after the most recent Walking Dead Season 7 sneak peek trailer, some TWD fans are now afraid that Negan kills Maggie and Glenn (Lauren Cohan) because of Negan’s lineup order. Viewers are also worried that Negan drags Rick (Andrew Lincoln) off to his RV in that Walking Dead sneak peek of “Right Hand Man” to cut off Rick’s hand, giving that TWD premiere episode title a whole new meaning.

Confused? You aren’t alone. But in a new interview with Variety Latino, Jeffrey Dean Morgan sets the record straight on that so-called spoiler, doing his part to keep fans guessing on which member — or members — of Rick’s group will actually meet Lucille.

Potential spoilers follow both for previous seasons of The Walking Dead, and the upcoming Season 7 premiere.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan on The Walking Dead
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What Did Jeffrey Dean Morgan Really Say About Who Negan Kills In The Walking Dead Lineup Of Death?

Morgan claims that his words were taken out of context when he said that Negan kills more than one person in that Walking Dead lineup. These are his exact words on that TWD spoiler:

“That’s not what I said. I did an interview with this guy and I was talking about Negan’s arc and what he does in the course of being Negan on The Walking Dead. Instead of talking about the one person Negan kills—because Negan kills a lot more than one person on the lineup. And somehow he pieced that all together in such a way that it turned into the article that he wrote. It was to get people fired up. Negan does kill a lot of people in the next couple of years. Before we even meet him he’s killed a lot of people. Negan’s been around for a long time.”

His wording is still a little confusing, but in the context of Morgan denying that he was saying two people are killed by Negan in The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, it looks like what he was trying to say was not that two people are killed on the lineup, but that Negan kills a lot more people than that one person he kills in the lineup. Does that make sense? And more importantly, do you TWD fans believe Morgan, or do you think he’s just trying to do little damage control after he let loose a spoiler?

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So Who Does Negan Kill On The Walking Dead?

There have been a lot of rumors over the summer about who Negan kills, and most Walking Dead fans seem to feel that it’s either Glenn, Abraham, or both. After all, the theory that two people die in the Walking Dead Season 7 premiere has been around long before Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s comments that seemed to confirm that. When TWD viewers choose who they think is most likely to exit the series permanently via Lucille, here are some points to keep in mind.

  • According to photos and reports from people hanging around the perimeter of the set of The Walking Dead this summer, certain cast members have been seen frequently filming, implying their survival. However, both Glenn and Abraham have been seen on the set significantly less than many other TWD characters.
  • With the release of The Walking Dead sneak peek trailer for “Right Hand Man,” many believe that this clip narrows down who Negan killed, because of the location of the unidentifiable remains that appear to be right in front of where Rick was kneeling.
  • TWD fans have been scrambling to determine exactly who was next to Rick on The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, which would be Maggie on his right and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) on his left.
  • However, a theory outlined in more depth in another Inquisitr article makes the case that two characters were taken from the lineup and moved up front, which would make The Walking Dead Negan lineup irrelevant in determining whose bloodied remains we see when Negan drags Rick to his RV.
  • The name of The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere episode is “Right Hand Man,” and in the sneak peek trailer, Negan asks Rick if he’s already taken out his “right hand man.” That implies Negan kills someone that he thinks might have been Rick’s second in command. The way Abraham stared Negan down and his physical size might make him appear like the second in command for Rick’s group.
  • As detailed in another Inquisitr article, Michael Cudlitz appeared to give away a Walking Dead spoiler in an interview that Abraham survives, but that might have been misdirection.

Morgan did seem a bit coy in the Variety Latino interview about the blood on Rick’s face as a potential clue to who dies, as it could indicate the character’s proximity to Rick when the victim or victims get clubbed with Lucille. The interviewer noted that Morgan was grinning ear to ear when commenting on that particular part of The Walking Dead sneak peek trailer.

“I mean, he’s got a bloody face. It could be splatter. I could’ve slapped him. I could’ve spit on him. All I’m going to say to tune-in on the [23rd] and you’ll get all those answers. So keep coming up with the theories, I love them. Everyone on the show loves the theories. You only have like ten more days or something. It’s almost upon us.”

What Else Do TWD Fans Need To Know About The Walking Dead Season 7?

On a not-so-happy side note, whoever Negan kills in “Right Hand Man” is only the beginning of the horrors that Rick’s group will suffer on The Walking Dead, according to more spoilers. No one really has any ideas of what the TWD cast and crew are referring to when they say it gets much worse, but the possibility that Negan cuts off Rick’s hand might very well be part of that. That possibility has come up in the past, with Walking Dead insiders saying it might be too much of a special effects nightmare to deal with Rick missing a hand in every episode. Do you believe them?

Here are a few other common questions people are asking about The Walking Dead in Google searches:

  • How does Negan die in the comic? Negan hasn’t died yet in The Walking Dead graphic novels.
  • How old is Jeffrey Dean Morgan? Fifty smoking hot years, and he’s a Taurus, ladies. Although he says we are going to hate him after the premiere.
  • Who really is Rick’s right hand man? That’s not really clear, as you can make an argument for Abraham for his brawn, Glenn for his brains, Daryl (Norman Reedus) for his general awesomeness, or even Michonne (Danai Gurira) who has become Rick’s romantic partner. The important question is who would Negan think is Rick’s right hand man?
  • When is The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere date? The Walking Dead Season 7 debuts October 23 on AMC.

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