Donald Trump Jr. On Dad’s ‘New York Times’ Sexual Harassment Scandal: ‘I’ve Never Heard Anything Dumber’

Donald Trump Jr. thinks that the New York Times report on his father’s sexual harassment scandal is ridiculous. Following the leaked audio of the Republican Presidential candidate’s “locker room” language of yesteryear, Trump has been under fire.

Even President Obama weighed in and told North Carolina voters not to support a candidate who talks like that. He stated that the language was intolerable even for someone “applying for a job at 7-Eleven.”

Now the media and real estate mogul is being targeted by women who continually come out with stories about how he’d done just what the leaked audio claimed. Similar things happened to other celebrities as well, such as Michael Jackson, former President Bill Clinton, and Bill Cosby. One person came out and claimed they did something horrible, and suddenly more people did the same thing.

Donald Trump Jr. told WBT Radio that the NYT report is just stupid, continuing to support his father who is currently demanding a retraction from the news site, according to CNN.

“Come on guys, it’s so ridiculous, I’ve never heard anything dumber in my life. All of sudden, two, three weeks before election, someone comes out – it’s not like he hasn’t been in the public eye for 30 years. I think it’s probably a typical New York Times smear campaign.”

Trump’s iffy reputation may have made him famous when he sat in as a judge for The Apprentice. However, aside from the leaked audio, this is the first time anyone’s heard of him being a sexual predator. Could he be getting the Bill Cosby treatment, or are these stories made up to get him disqualified as President of the United States? The answer is unknown at this point, though the timing couldn’t be more perfect for Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Jr. is also claiming that the media could be taking his father’s words out of context to ruin him. The same thing happened to Paula Deen and Mel Gibson over racist remarks they had made in previous years. The Republican candidate’s son says the whole thing against his father is all libel.

“They keep libeling and doing these kind of things, I imagine that would be the intention. It’s one thing to report the news, it’s another to try to smear someone’s name time and time again for political motives and political gain. So I imagine that would certainly be on his mind.

“I’ve had conversations like that with plenty of people where people use language off color. … I’ve seen it time and time again. I think it makes him a human. I think it makes him a normal person not a political robot. He hasn’t spent his whole life waiting for this moment to run for the presidency.”


There is actual footage of Donald Trump stating he wouldn’t want to run for President in the past, so Trump Jr. has a valid point. His father has since started a bid for Presidency twice, and dropped out the first time.

Donald Trump Jr. says that his father’s language only proves he’s human and that we all make mistakes. He feels that it’s what endears him to his supporters, putting his flaws out there for all to see. He even brought up the Wikileaks audio which has been used liberally to take Trump down.

Hillary Clinton’s unreleased emails and behind-the-scenes funding practices were another subject Donald Trump Jr. brought up, saying “It’s ridiculous. You’re … suppressing what’s really going on in this country with Hillary Clinton and the fact that she sold America out.”‘

Do you agree with Donald Trump Jr. that his father is simply being unfairly targeted by the New York Times and the media in general?

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