Jacqueline Laurita Takes No Responsibility: Blames Melissa Gorga For Failed Friendship

Jacqueline Laurita clearly has some feelings that she wants addressed and resolved. Laurita ended up attacking Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga during a dinner in Vermont, where she called Melissa fake and Teresa a criminal. One could argue that she simply closed the doors on these friendships, even though she was clearly hurt. Laurita didn’t really say it then, but she’s now revealing that she and Teresa would be friends if it wasn’t for Melissa’s role in Giudice’s life these days.

According to a new tweet, Jacqueline Laurita strongly believes that Melissa completely ruined her chances of making peace with Teresa. In the past, Gorga and Giudice did not get along and maybe Laurita had hoped that she would be the one defending Teresa if they were to argue. It’s no secret that Jacqueline and Melissa have not been on the same page since the season started, and it almost seems like something happened between them before the cameras started rolling. And now, Jacqueline is pointing the finger at Melissa for how things have gone down this season.

“Do u think u and Teresa would still be friends if Melissa had never gotten on show?” one person asked Jacqueline Laurita, to which she gave an honest reply, “Yes! 100%.”

Laurita believes that her friendship with Teresa could have survived if Melissa hadn’t been an influence in her life. The two had been friends long before Gorga joined The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and in the beginning, these two didn’t have any issues. Laurita felt betrayed when Teresa learned of her upcoming prison sentence but didn’t share the news with her. Jacqueline learned about her friend’s upcoming prison sentence and her fraud charges via the tabloids, which she found hurtful.


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“Did I love Teresa? Yes, like a sister, but that doesn’t mean I agree with all of the things she says and does. It doesn’t even mean I have to like her all of the time. She frustrates the crap out of me, BUT…there is a long history between us, which is why I was so hurt by her. I know I don’t deserve to be manipulated and set up by her or her soldiers that don’t give a crap about her and are just using her to ride her platform,” Jacqueline Laurita reveals in her Bravo blog, sharing that she has truly been hurt by some of the things that have happened between them.

Even though Melissa and her husband, Joe Gorga, wanted to rebuild their relationship with Teresa Giudice, Laurita is convinced that Giudice chose the wrong people. In her blog, she reveals that she strongly feels that Teresa surrounded herself with the wrong people once she returned home from prison, and Melissa influenced her to keep her distance from Laurita.

“I was frustrated that instead of her just giving our friendship a chance to be real and genuine and sincerely trying to rebuild it, she chose to surround herself around the wrong people to do her dirty work and be a voice for her. I, unlike some of the others, never wanted anything from her than just to be a friend and for her to be real with me,” Jacqueline Laurita continued in her blog for Bravo.

Melissa has also revealed that she finds that something is off with Jacqueline Laurita, and it doesn’t really help Jacqueline’s case with Teresa when she’s caught talking to Kim D. about stories, rumors, and lies about the Gorga and Giudice families.

What do you think of Jacqueline Laurita’s comments about Melissa getting in the way of her making up with Teresa? Do you think Giudice would have forgiven Jacqueline if Melissa wasn’t filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

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