Nobel Prize Winners All Men In 2016: Social Media Explodes As Women Seek Gender Equality

The Nobel Prize winners of 2016 have been revealed, but not everybody is happy with the results. Much like the Academy Awards of this year, there appeared to be a certain bias.

Women were nowhere to be seen on the list of Nobel Prize winners, and now social media is playing host to another protest. Were female contributions simply underwhelming, or were they overlooked because of their gender? This is the question ringing through the minds of women across Twitter today.


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Even noted neurobiologist and Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik noticed the lack of women among the awarded, though she seemed delighted that Bob Dylan has been recognized for the category of literature.

Out of all of the Nobel Prize winners in the last 100 years, only 14 of them turned out to be women, and now that it’s been noticed, there could be a major overhaul in how the awards are determined. This is also the first year in a long time that all of the awarded were men, according to USA Today.

The Nobel Prize Twitter account attempted to brag about the 14 winners of the female persuasion, but the social media site quickly drew angry replies. Wikipedia states that 822 men and 48 women have been awarded, showing how long this has been happening.

The United Nations drew similar ire for naming a fictional character as their ambassador and champion, according to BBC. Wonder Woman, the noted DC Comics Amazonian, was recognized for being a symbol of what women can do when freed of a dominantly male society. However, women are angered because the U.N. chose a fictional character over an actual human female. Wonder Woman isn’t even human in fictional terms.


We have yet to see if current ambassador for gender equality Emma Watson has an issue with the decision.

The decision to name not one female Nobel Prize winner in 2016 also mirrors an issue with equal pay in Hollywood and most other businesses. That issue had come to light when Jennifer Lawrence used her position as an A-list actress to write an open letter to the internet. Coming straight from playing the lead in The Hunger Games, and Mystique in the X-Men prequels, her voice was heard, leading to more female-centric films in recent years.

What do you think about the lack of women among 2016’s Nobel Prize winners and such a small number of women among the total awards throughout history?

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