‘Real Donald Trump’ Twitter: Trump Attacks ‘New York Times’ And ‘People’ As #Repealthe19th Trends To Take Away Women’s Voting Rights

Donald Trump has gone on the attack, using his @RealDonaldTrump Twitter account to lash out at reports of Trump’s alleged sexual assaults against women. As reported by the Inquisitr, Natasha Stoynoff is a writer who once wrote for People, covering Trump. In December, 2005, Natasha took a trip to Florida to cover the first wedding anniversary of Melania and Donald, with a pregnant Melania in the house when Stoynoff alleged that Trump forced his tongue down her throat.

Along with Natasha’s account, two other women claimed that Trump touched them inappropriately, reports the New York Times‎. One of those women was Jessica Leeds, a woman who said that Trump tried to stick his hands up her skirt while both rode in first class on a plane.

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hit back on Twitter on Thursday, October 13, calling both articles from both publications false. Despite the growing list of sexual assault accusers, Trump continues to deny each one as they leak to the press.

“The phony story in the failing is a TOTAL FABRICATION. Written by same people as last discredited story on women. WATCH! Why didn’t the writer of the twelve year old article in People Magazine mention the ‘incident’ in her story. Because it did not happen!”

As reported by CBS, the list of Trump’s sexual assault accusers grows as does the fervent support of Trump’s supporters. The below CBS video shows how #RepealThe19th hashtag began trending on Twitter after a report noted that if women didn’t vote in some states — and only men were allowed to vote — Trump could potentially win the presidential election. As such, the #RepealThe19th hashtag urges folks to take away women’s rights to vote — and is, as expected, getting a big backlash on social media.

The #RepealThe19th hashtag that began getting plenty of tweets on Twitter contains backlash like the following, with some folks using the hashtag to claim their support of having women’s voting rights repealed.

The #RepealThe19th label became popular as a result of a 538 poll, which revealed Trump’s likely victory if only men were to vote in the upcoming presidential election. However, such a notion is not sitting well with plenty of other voters — both women and men — who can’t believe that such a sexist notion is being promoted in 2016.

Some of those social media comments surrounding the #RepealThe19th hashtag can be seen below.

“I was gonna say any man posting wont be getting laid this weekend but ya know they probably weren’t getting laid to begin with.”

“Why is even a thing… I’m shocked as to what reasoning is behind taking away women’s God given right to vote.”

“Those serious about the whole thing are pretty hilarious. Or is it something to weep over?”

“To all the women who seriously tweeted so Trump can win: I’m totally fine with you giving up your right to vote this year.”

“I am horrified and disgusted that is a thing. I have every right to vote as any male does. No one will take that away ever.”

“I sincerely hope is an act of trolling that took off. Otherwise I’m absolutely ashamed.

As seen in the top photo above from August 16, Trump pointed during his campaign stop at the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Other above images show Trump kissing a “Women for Trump” sign in Lakeland, Florida. That took place during Trump’s campaign rally on Wednesday, October 12. Additional signs proclaiming “Blacks for Trump” can also be seen in the photos.

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Another photo above from September 24, shows Trump gesturing in Roanoke, Virginia.

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