Heather Dubrow’s Marriage Criticized After She Mocks Vicki Gunvalson’s Relationship

Heather Dubrow may feel very comfortable with her life, especially since she and her husband are finishing up their massive mansion in Orange County. Heather has revealed that the building process has been massive and it has truly taken over their lives. Dubrow also told her husband that they went over budget, but she has yet to talk about how much the home cost in total. Regardless of opening up about her marital troubles on The Real Housewives of Orange County, it sounds like Heather finds peace in talking about other people’s relationships. Sadly, some people think that she’s throwing stones despite living in a glass house.

According to a new tweet, Heather Dubrow is now facing criticism after she decided to mock Vicki Gunvalson’s new relationship with Steve Lodge. When the ladies arrived in Ireland, Vicki was greeted with a huge bouquet of flowers and the ladies were happy for her. Gunvalson revealed that her boyfriend loved her and then she proceeded to act single on the trip when she was drunk. And while her co-stars were happy for her, Heather Dubrow seemed to have a jealousy issue with Vicki getting flowers.

“Powerscourt Hotel was beautiful and the staff was amazingly accommodating! How many people thought Vicki sent the flowers to herself? Seemed a little convenient upon check in. Any time Terry has sent me flowers when I’m traveling they put them in my room. Hmmmm,” Heather Dubrow wrote in her Bravo blog for the show, which was a comment that was screenshot on Twitter for everyone to see – and people were not pleased with Heather’s comment.

“Shade! OMGosh, none of these HWs like each other anymore! Heather says Vicki sent the flowers to herself,” one person wrote after reading Dubrow’s comment, while another person wrote directly to Dubrow, sharing, “he probably send u flowers on Mother’s Day cause he’s not with you… Try again girl, leave Queen Vicki alone!”


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Of course, Dubrow has been open about her own marital problems, which include Terry’s absence from the home. When the season began, Dubrow kept saying that her husband chose work over his family and he revealed that he didn’t feel bad about it at all. Considering she’s having her own issues, one can imagine that she would have been supportive of Vicki’s new relationship and perhaps take a few notes for her own marriage rather than be so critical. And fans were quick to come to Gunvalson’s defense.

Maybe Heather was jealous because her husband wouldn’t have thought about doing the same thing for a girls trip. And when it happened, Dubrow didn’t say anything about it. It wasn’t until her blog that she started saying things about Vicki sending the flowers to herself. Some people think that Dubrow is very critical of Vicki because she’s unhappy with her own situation, a situation she has opened up about in her older Bravo blogs.

“For all of you who think Terry is working so much to pay for the house we are building let me fill you in…yes, of course that’s partially true, but the real reason he is working so much is because he is filming two TV shows AND there’s a lot of travel involved. He says yes to everyone, except the family. This has now become obvious to him and he needs to make some choices moving forward. I hope he does…,” Dubrow has previously written in her blog for the show, according to Bravo.

What did you think of Heather Dubrow’s comment? Are you surprised that fans are criticizing her own marriage, considering her husband is choosing work over his family? Do you think she could be jealous of the honeymoon phase Vicki is going through?

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