Richard Gere Allegedly Told To Leave Restaurant After Paying Too Much Attention To Another Man's Wife

Tara Dodrill

Richard Gere was reportedly told to leave an East Hampton restaurant by an extremely angry husband, because the star was allegedly flirting with the man’s beautiful blonde wife. Gere has often played movie characters who are attracted to lovely ladies, but the close attention the actor was supposedly paying to the restaurant patron apparently led to a confrontation with the woman’s significant other, according to the Daily Mail.

Gere, 63, was allegedly warned to stay away from the blonde wife after he left his own table at the restaurant to talk to her. A New York Post sources claims the movie star was told to ‘Get the f**k out’ of Nick and Toni’s in East Hampton by the woman's husband. Richard is married to actress Carey Lowell and was at the restaurant inside a trendy beachside resort celebrating with his agents, after earning a lifetime achievement award at Hampton’s International Film Festival.

The unnamed beautiful blonde supposedly caught the actor’s eye, prompting Gere to allegedly stare at the married woman throughout the evening. Her husband reportedly became visibly agitated by the unwanted glances. The man allegedly came close to losing his temper when Gere approached the table, leaned in close to the woman, and allegedly spoke while his face was close to her ear.

Gere’s spokesman had this to say about the Nick and Toni's restaurant incident:

“Reality is, he was at a table with his agents and their wives. On his way out, he stopped to say hit to the people at that table, and joked with the people briefly before leaving.”

The New York Post source maintains that the woman appeared confused about the unexpected attention from Richard Gere. The upset husband reportedly followed the mega-star outside to make sure he had left the area. Top A-list celebrities also dining at the restaurant during the alleged Gere drama included Gwyneth Paltrow, Meryl Streep, Blythe Danner, and Alec Baldwin.