Katy Perry Plays A Disney-Themed Prank On Orlando Bloom At Shanghai Disneyland

Katy Perry has proved that within every adult lies a small child who wishes to experience the thrill of visiting a fairyland that is full of joy and fantasies. Recently, Katy Perry enjoyed a trip to Shanghai’s Disneyland along with her beau, Orlando Bloom, and his son, Flynn Christopher Bloom.

The couple, who are often seen enjoying their romance while vacationing on a Malibu beach or an exotic Mediterranean island, decided to enjoy their time together by visiting Shanghai’s Disneyland Park. According to Elle magazine, Katy had the time of her life by enjoying rides that were based on popular Disney themes and stories like Once Upon a Time, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and Beauty and the Beast.

Katy and her new family’s visit wouldn’t have been complete without enjoying the Pirates of the Caribbean – Battle for the Sunken Treasure ride, a dark water-based ride. This is because Orlando Bloom’s Will Turner was one of the principal characters that were prominently featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

One of the highlights of Katy Perry’s trip seemed to be her quick visit with Goofy, one of her favorite Disney characters. Katy Perry had planned the trip along with Orlando Bloom who will be spending a considerable amount of time in China while filming Julien Seri’s Smart Chase: Fire & Earth. Unhappy at the prospect of spending too much time away from her new love, Katy Perry decided to join Orlando during his visit to the country in which the “Rise” singer had earlier performed at her Prismatic World Tour.

Katy Perry’s association with Walt Disney goes well beyond her recent visit to Shanghai’s Disneyland. Earlier, Katy Perry collaborated with the famous company to sing popular songs that were featured in romantic comedies which were either produced or distributed by the Walt Disney Company. Her famous songs like “Fireworks” and “Hot n Cold” were featured in Prom and The Proposal respectively. Additionally, Katy sang “Starstruck” and “If You Can Afford Me” that were included in the soundtrack of When in Rome, a 2010 movie.

Incidentally, Katy Perry playfully teased Orlando by testing his love when she demanded that he buy her the most expensive souvenir in a souvenir shop. According to E! Online, the singer’s bizarre request came when she and Orlando were browsing one of the souvenir stores within Disneyland, and she suggested that her boyfriend buys her a beautiful crystal encrusted Disney castle.

Of course, Orlando was taken by surprise when Katy Perry made her outrageous demand, but he soon burst into laughter as he realized that she was merely acting out a part of her “If You Can Afford Me’ Disney song.

Apart from being a talented singer and a supportive girlfriend, Katy Perry is also known to lend a helping hand to people with her songs and through her acts of love and support. Recently, Tony Marrero, a survivor of the Orlando nightclub shooting who appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, thanked Katy Perry for inspiring him by the lyrics of “Rise.” According to News Australia, the 30-year-old survivor thanked the world-famous singer for helping him to get back on his feet after the tragedy.

“I just want to say thank you for everything you do. Your lyrics to that song helped me from the day I was in the hospital all the way to now.”

Additionally, Katy also promised to sponsor Tony’s first year at a film school as the survivor was facing financial difficulties while pursuing his acting career. News Australia also reports that the “Rise” singer even helped her sister to deliver her baby recently.

Moreover, Katy Perry reportedly did her best to stick to her professional commitments as she rushed to the studios immediately after attending to her sister. And in yet another example of the singer’s commitment to helping other people whenever she can, Katy Perry can be seen urging people to come out and vote on Election Day.

[Featured Image by Chloe Rice/Getty Images]