WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Says He Is Headed To TNA Impact Wrestling And Ring Of Honor

When Alberto Del Rio quit the WWE in August, and the company offered him his full release, most thought he would return to Mexico and wrestle there again. Sure enough, one of his first bookings was for AAA in Mexico, but Alberto Del Rio missed the show when he said he was attacked and stabbed in San Antonio.

Whether that story is as true as it seems or not, Alberto Del Rio was caught by TMZ Sports, who asked him a large number of questions and he was candid with most of the answers. When asked if he planned to continue wrestling after leaving the WWE, Alberto Del Rio said he will continue to take bookings in the independent scene and said that includes TNA Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

“I just came back from England, [Paige’s] homeland. I was doing a couple of shows over there. I’m going to be doing all the indies here – Ring of Honor, TNA, of course Mexico. Yeah, I’m going to be wrestling for a while.”

When asked if he was really going to TNA Impact Wrestling, Alberto Del Rio said he will do some stuff with TNA if they can get the money to pay him. That was a sneaky remark, considering there are some people like Mr. Anderson who claim that TNA Impact Wrestling still owes him money.


However, TNA Impact Wrestling has been signing some bigger names lately despite being in some financial turmoil, bringing in former WWE stars like Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow as well as bringing back some of its own talent like James Storm. Alberto Del Rio would be a nice attraction if he came back like Rhodes for one or two shows.

However, Alberto Del Rio made it perfectly clear that he will not return to the WWE. He said that he credits the WWE for helping get his name out there for the world but he was not having any fun the last six months he worked there and wanted out. With the controversy surrounding the Paige WWE suspension, Alberto Del Rio has been equally open with his opinion.


In an interview with ESPN, Alberto Del Rio responded to a question about the WWE trying to force Paige to break up with him. In the interview, Alberto Del Rio said that he doesn’t care what the WWE wanted him to do because he is happy with Paige and they will stay together.

That could be hard if Paige returns to the WWE. The Inquisitr previously reported that Paige is going to return to work in the WWE despite her second drug suspension because she has no choice and is under contract. It also might not matter to their relationship because Alberto Del Rio isn’t tied down to wrestling a touring schedule either.


While Alberto Del Rio is going to keep wrestling, he is also starting a few new ventures. He just opened a new restaurant in San Antonio and that is something that he has big plans for because he said he will have celebrity guests show up to make it a must-see destination.

Alberto Del Rio also was hired as president of a new Hispanic MMA promotion called Combate Americas and he told TMZ Sports that they will have their first pay-per-view this Friday night. Alberto Del Rio will recruit fighters for the promotion and he hopes to help a number of Hispanic fighters get their big breaks

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