Trump, 46, To Little Girl In 1992: ‘I’m Going To Be Dating Her In 10 Years’ [Video]

Donald Trump can be seen in the above photo, sweeping his bride Marla Maples into an awkward dip during their wedding. That wedding took place at the famous Plaza Hotel in New York, on December 20, 1992. That was the same year that the below video of Trump speaking to a little girl was captured. Trump was being filmed by an Entertainment Tonight crew at Trump Tower when Trump spoke to the young girl. Since it was 1992, the now 70-year-old Trump would have been 46 years of age when speaking to the little girl. Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, is currently 46 years of age.

Nearly 25 years ago, however, Trump made what’s being called a lewd joke by the publication to a group of little girls — with Trump speaking to one little girl in particular.

“You going up the escalator? I’m going to be dating her in ten years, can you believe it?”

Warning: The below video of Trump speaking to a little girl might be upsetting and triggering to some viewers.

As reported by ET, there is “more to come” as controversial footage of Trump continues to leak online as news outlets review their archives to uncover all the things Trump has said in previous interviews. With the presidential election coming closer and closer, lots of media outlets no doubt have interns scouring hours of video footage to perform the vetting against Trump that the above CBS correspondent in the video reports that Trump should have performed against himself prior to running for president.

In the video, it isn’t exactly clear the specific young girl Trump is speaking to — nor is it clear exactly how old the little girl is that Trump speaking of dating in a decade. However, a young girl with blond hair and a pink coat can be seen going up the escalator. By the sound of the little girl’s voice, she sounds young indeed.

Donald Trump and Marla Maples in August 1992. [Image by Malcolm Clarke/AP Images]

The newly released and exclusive video from ET, which was published to the website on Wednesday, October 12, adds to a recent spate of controversial videos of Trump interviews over the years.

On the Entertainment Tonight Facebook page, the article about Trump’s words to the little girl is getting quite a big reaction. Within an hour, the Facebook post received more than 300 comments — and began being shared a-plenty on Facebook.

“Questionable footage of Donald J. Trump continues to surface.”

[Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]

As seen in the above photo, Trump gave a “fist up” sign during Trump’s campaign rally on Tuesday, October 11, in Panama City, Florida. Trump has found himself having to defend the accusations being leveled against him as each new video of Trump speaking in controversial ways continues to leak online and in the public viewing.

A sampling of some of the comments being published on Facebook about the newly leaked video of Trump speaking to the little girl can be read below.

“Keep trying to take him out ET! America is cheering for him and our country. How about you stick with kartrashians. #trumptrain

“I can’t fathom how this guy is in the running to be the leader of the free world! And what’s more disturbing is the amount of support he has… Seriously what is wrong with people?”

“Please stop it already. How far back are you going to go? Are you going back to his high school days? He isn’t perfect but he doesn’t have his hands in all the cookie jars like Hillary.”

“Donald Trump was an old fashioned, robust and arrogantly perverted business man. Shouts and yells whatever demands he wants because he thinks money can give him anything he wants or rids any problems or shadows tailing him. But what he didn’t realize is that every shadow he created weren’t entirely gone. They’re all stepping out now. Because there’s something they have to say about his character.”

[Featured Image by Kathy Willens/AP Images]