Fifth Harmony Drama: Camila Cabello & Lauren Jauregui Feuding Over Solo Music?

Is there more drama brewing within Fifth Harmony?

Just hours after Fifth Harmony star Camila Cabello teased her upcoming duet with Machine Gun Kelly, "Bad Things," on social media, her bandmate Lauren Jauregui's nearest and dearest appear to be alluding to a feud within the girlband.

Fifth Harmony fans flocked to social media to claim that Lauren's mom, Clara Jauregui, took to Twitter to unfollow the entire Cabello family, including Camila, after she tweeted about her new track, which got fans believing that there could be a feud between the girls over Cabello's latest solo project.

Fifth Harmony fans were quick to comment on Jauregui's decision to unfollow her daughter's bandmate, claiming that Lauren's mom's social media actions pretty much spelled out a feud within the girlband.

"Clara unfollowed Camila? Omg, you gotta be kidding me?" Twitter user @syazyemss tweeted out amid the unfollow drama, pointing out that Jauregui still follows the other three of her daughter's Fifth Harmony bandmates, Normani Koredei, Ally Brooke Hernandez, and Dinah Jane Hansen.

"D**n is true. Clara unfollowed all of the Cabellos. Yet people still think everyone is okay with Camila doing her own solo music," Fifth Harmony fan @jennybaby110 added amid feud reports, while @MCDREW94 wrote, "Clara unfollowed Camila and all Cabellos. I don't know who is more childish between the fandom and her."

Notably, Jauregui's decision to click the unfollow button for Cabello and her family members came just hours after the Camila took to Twitter to tease her upcoming duet, "Bad Things," after telling her more than three million followers that she had "something exciting to share [with you] guys."

While the Fifth Harmony girls are yet to comment on the feud reports amid the unfollow drama, the social media shakeup came as Perez Hilton hinted that there's drama brewing within the girl group over Cabello's solo music plans.

Fifth Harmony Drama -- Lauren Jauregui & Camila Cabello Feuding Over Solo Music?
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Referring to the rampant reports of a feud within Fifth Harmony, Perez Hilton claimed that "it's believed that the dis-harmony really blossomed after Miz Cabello dropped her own song with Shawn Mendes," referring to Camila's first solo venture, the release of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" back in 2015.

It's long been suggested, though never confirmed by the Fifth Harmony girls, that Camila's solo music plans were tearing the group apart, with gossip site A Dose Of Sass alleging back in August that the girls weren't exactly friendly with Cabello at a 2016 MTV Video Music Awards after party after taking home two awards during the ceremony.

"At the Republic Records afterparty, [Fifth Harmony] did not seem so harmonious," the site alleged of Camila's relationship with her bandmates, claiming that the foursome have been left feeling "frustrated" by Cabello's big plans to drop solo music outside of the band. "Four members of the band showed up, Camila was missing. Then at 2:30am Camila walks in and the other four leave."

Fifth Harmony have long denied reports of a feud within the band, though this isn't the first time Lauren's mom appears to have confirmed that things aren't exactly harmonious between the girls and Cabello on social media.

Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui & Camila Cabello feud
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Back in June, Clara Jauregui appeared to slam Camila's manager Roger Gold on social media, blasting him for failing to mention the Fifth Harmony girls after Cabello took home four awards at Canada's Much Music Video Awards, two of which she won as part of the girlband.

"SO proud of @camilacabello97 who won 4 #MMVAs last night," Gold tweeted out alongside a photo of Camila accepting her awards, which also included two wins with Shawn Mendes for "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

In a tweet, which has since been deleted, Jauregui's mom put Roger on serious blast, calling him out for failing to acknowledge that half of Cabello's awards also belonged to her daughter Lauren and her fellow Fifth Harmony bandmates as feud rumors swirled.

"Lets get it right 2 were thanks to Fifth Harmony," Lauren's mom hit back at Gold according to a screenshot captured by a fan, seemingly alluding to a feud. "Just keeping it real."

The latest Fifth Harmony drama also comes just weeks after a number of fans flocked to social media to accuse Cabello of pushing Jauregui on stage during a concert.

During a stop on Fifth Harmony's "7/27 Tour" at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, Missouri, on September 2, Camila appeared to tap Lauren on the shoulder, which some fans claimed looked more like a push, suggesting Cabello may have been pushing Jauregui out of the way.

Do you think Lauren Jauregui's mom unfollowing Camila Cabello and her family is a sign of a feud within Fifth Harmony?

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