Mystery ‘Ghost Ship’ Spotted On Lake Superior, Michigan Was 500-Meter UFO Spaceship Emerging From Underwater Base And Launching To Space, Alien Hunters Claim [Video]

Jason Asselin was out sightseeing with a friend off the coast of Marquette in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on Saturday when they sighted a “ghost ship” that appeared out of nowhere on the waters of Lake Superior.

The strange sighting has sparked a debate on YouTube with viewers offering various suggestions. But UFO hunters have suggested that the “ghost ship” was, in fact, a 500-meter alien UFO spaceship that emerged from an underwater base located deep beneath Lake Superior.

Asselin and his friend were watching and photographing a rainbow that formed over Lake Superior when the spooky object appeared about two miles to the right, according to CBS News.

It looked like a tall and humongous “ghost ship” rising and falling as it floated on top of the choppy waves of Lake Superior.

Asselin posted footage showing the ghostly spectacle to his YouTube channel on October 10, 2016. The footage has since gone viral with more 400,000 views.

And even after zooming in x200 on the mysterious object, Asselin and his friend were unable guess what it might be. He could only say that it resembled a tall, ghostly ship sailing on the water, CBS Detroit reports.

Asselin and his friend could not believe the testimony of their eyes that suggested a ship more than a hundred feet tall was sailing on Lake Superior.

“We were looking at it [the rainbow] and noticed the object,” Asselin said. “I zoomed in and still couldn’t understand what I was seeing.”

“I’ve seen strange things before — this sits up there with the best of them for sure.”

“This mysterious ship [has to] be gigantic,” he continued, according to the Detroit Free Press. “Almost as if a ghost ship was showing itself to the world. Even if it was a ship, what could be that tall in these choppy waves?”

The witness did not recall being scared when the object appeared. But he recalled experiencing a growing sense of confusion as his mind struggled for a logical explanation of it.

“There’s no ship that big,” he said. “It really just didn’t belong there. I’ve seen ships before and it looked nothing like that. I’ve been there [on Lake Superior] before and never saw it.”

“Some people said it might be a mirage, but for that to happen conditions would have to be perfect,” he added.

His friend agreed that there was something spooky or otherworldly about the mysterious object that looked like a massive ship bobbing on the waves.

“He too felt it was a strange experience and out of this world,” Asselin added.

The friends watched the mysterious “ghost ship” for a while, but toward sunset their attention shifted away from it briefly. And when they looked back moments later they saw that the entire humongous structure had disappeared mysteriously.

“When I looked back there was nothing,” said Asselin, “It had disappeared.”

Viewers on YouTube debated the nature of the mysterious “ghost ship.”

UFO over Lake Superior

Some suggested it was a mirage or an optical illusion, such as a Fata Morgana.

A Fata Morgana is a special type of optical illusion occurring naturally on land or sea. It is caused by the inversion and distortion of light rays passing from objects at sea — such as ships or structures along a coastline — through layers of air heated under solar radiation to different temperatures.

Others suggested it was a lighthouse on a nearby island appearing through the mist or fog.

CBS Detroit noted that a light house with a tower structure that looks similar to the “ghost ship” is situated on Granite Island about nine miles away. Some viewers noted that, under favorable weather conditions, even the Chicago skyline can be seen from the area.

A few suggested it could be an oil rig.

But based on the Great Lake’s history of shipwrecks, most paranormal enthusiasts favored the suggestion that it was really a “ghost ship;” that is, the specter of an old vessel lost at sea.

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum estimates that the Great Lakes has more than 6,000 shipwrecks beneath its waves, with more than 30,000 lives lost over the centuries. But according to one historian, Mark Thompson, there may be more than 25,000 wrecks beneath the waters of the Great Lakes.

But a viewer suggested tongue-in-cheek that it was Jesus and Peter walking on water.

“Looks like Jesus and Peter out for a stroll, to me.”

“Looks like the Space Shuttle waiting to lift off.”

“Looks like a grain elevator.”

“Google ‘Fata Morgana’, that will explain what you are seeing.”

“Pirates don’t sail on lakes.”

“That’s a demon… standing in the ocean… time is near.”

But UFO enthusiasts suggested it was an alien UFO spaceship.

UFO hovers over lake
'ghost ship' was a 500-meter UFO that rose up from beneath Lake Superior, according to UFO hunters [Image by Chris Harvey/Shutterstock]

According to UFO blogger Scott C. Waring, the mysterious structure was an alien UFO emerging from an underwater base constructed beneath Lake Superior. It disappeared mysteriously, according to Waring, because it launched silently and stealthily to outer space, according to Waring.

No one should be surprised that Lake Superior that has many sunken ships, and even a “few unexploded atomic bombs,” also conceals a large alien UFO base, the alien hunter argued.

“This UFO was caught on Saturday rising up out of the water,” he commented on his UFO Sightings Daily blog. “The metallic grey of the metal is easy to make out.”

“Lake Michigan is one of the deepest, coldest lakes in the world, which has many secrets of sunken war ships, freighters, planes and even a few unexploded atomic bombs,” the veteran alien hunter continued. “So, an alien craft about 300-500 meters rising from the water — where else could aliens hide such large craft and go unnoticed?”

But observers have noted that Asselin does not appear to be a UFO enthusiast and never suggested that the “ghost ship” was a UFO.

His YouTube channel, according to the Detroit Free Press, features “snowmobile hill climbing, racing, nature scenes, life in upper Michigan, local new stories and many other subjects from upper Michigan and Wisconsin.”

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