WWE Rumors: Paige And Family Possibly Lying About Drug Test

Whenever a public traded corporation is being attacked by someone that works for them, there is a very good chance that a response will be given. WWE has done just that by denying the claims made by Paige and her family over the past couple of days, as reported by the New York Post.

Back in August, WWE announced that Paige had been suspended for 30 days because she violated the wellness policy set forth by the company. Since it was her first offense, fans of the popular diva were able to brush off the violation and suspension by believing that it was a mistake.

WWE has a policy where they do not reveal the actual violation by their performers when they are suspended. That makes it easier for the wrestlers to sell to their fan base that a mistake was made. Paige informed her fans that she was suspended because she missed a scheduled test as opposed to failing it.


On Monday, WWE surprised the professional wrestling world when they announced on their website that Paige had failed a second wellness policy test. Her suspension, this time, was for 60 days. It also means that Paige has one more strike before management is forced to release her.

In an act of defiance, Paige took to Twitter to defend herself. She sarcastically told kids to not take prescription medication or get notes from doctors because that is a violation of the WWE wellness policy. Paige is basically claiming that she is innocent of the claims against her.

In a move that comes as no surprise, both of Paige’s parents came to her defense through social media. Both of them are veterans of the professional wrestling business. They’re well known throughout the continent of Europe. Both of them want Paige to return home.

WWE star Alberto Del Rio
Alberto Del Rio [Image via WWE]

Paige’s parents believe that WWE is not doing enough for the health of their daughter. They feel that the Pale Princess should return to England to get the much needed neck surgery because they do not believe that World Wrestling Entertainment is going to make that happen for Paige. It could be a career-ending procedure.

When those allegations started spreading through social media and the internet, WWE had no choice but to respond. After all, they are still a publicly traded company with shareholders that management has to respond to. World Wrestling Entertainment cannot allow themselves to seem like a company that does not care about the performers that they employ.

In an official statement to the New York Post, WWE stated that Paige had failed the wellness policy because illegal substances were found in her system. They clarified that it was not the prescription drug that she claimed to be taking.

WWE CEO Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon [Image via WWE]

WWE also made sure to announce that they were providing world class medical care for Paige to deal with her in-ring injuries. To their credit, the company has sent plenty of performers to Dr. James Andrews, who is considered one of the best doctors in the entire world.

Many are under the belief that Paige is on her way out of WWE soon. Her real life boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio, has already departed the company. The two of them have claimed that management has attempted to keep them apart because they feel that the relationship is a detriment to the career of Paige.

Things are really ugly right now between Paige and WWE. It has gotten to the point where it seems like the bridge has been burnt. If management announced her release in the upcoming days, then it would not come as a major shock to those that have been following the story.

[Featured Image by WWE]