Demi Lovato MMA: Could The ‘Confident’ Singer Compete In The UFC?

Singer Demi Lovato hasn’t really been in the news much recently as she’s been on tour with Nick Jonas ever since her public split with ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama in June. The couple spent six years together, but decided that they would be better off friends than life partners.

According to her Twitter account, Lovato has recently been on a trip overseas that saw her visit Italy and Iraq among other countries. You will also find posts about her support for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her disdain for Republican candidate Donald Trump. There’s also one tweet that she sent out on October 4 that caused a number of eyebrows to be raised.

Why would one of the most successful pop artists of our generation want to take an extended break from music. Demi is so talented and is a role model to so many young girls that it doesn’t exactly make sense why she would want to get away from it at such a young age.

We may now have the answer.

According to Jay Glazer, who serves as an analyst for FOX Sports, Demi Lovato wants to fight in MMA. Glazer told TMZ Sports that Lovato’s been training at his Unbreakable gym for the past year alongside former UFC fighters Chuck Liddell and Cung Le and that she’s not only in it for the workout, but that she has some serious talent as well.

“She throws elbows better than most of the UFC guys that come in there,” Jay said. “She’s definitely one of our fighters without a doubt.”

Glazer revealed that Demi has approached him multiple times about taking a sanctioned MMA fight in the future. It’s a bit shocking that a celebrity with a net worth of $30 million would want to step into a cage and go toe-to-toe with a professional fighter, but it’s something that she enjoys and something that interests her, so more power to her.

Another source of support for Lovato will likely come from her new UFC boyfriend, Luke Rockhold. Rockhold is the former middleweight champion who was defeated by current champion Michael Bisping at UFC 199.

More than likely, Demi would have to take a fight against a lesser opponent in a smaller promotion rather than fighting in a promotion such as the UFC. Lovato has been a huge fan of the UFC for years and would likely be a huge draw for Dana White and his promotion, but it’s unlikely that Demi would ever step foot inside an octagon in the UFC due to the talent gap.

If Demi Lovato wants to make a career change and become a professional MMA fighter, then that’s something totally different. Her popularity would instantly make her appealing to any lower promotion which would give her a chance to work her way up the ranks and possibly reach the UFC down the road. If it’s just that Lovato wants to take an MMA fight just to say she did it, then it’s unlikely to happen in the UFC.

Any way you slice it, it’s inspiring to see someone step outside their comfort zone and try their hand at something else. It reminds me a lot of Tim Tebow, who stepped away from football to pursue a career in baseball with the New York Mets. If you have a dream to do something, don’t let anyone stop you. Keep going until you achieve that dream.

Good luck to Demi Lovato in her future MMA endeavors.

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]