WWE News: Big Update On WWE World Title Plans For AJ Styles

Smackdown Live and Monday Night Raw are separated for the first time in nearly a decade. As soon as the WWE Super shows began after 2011, the WWE did away with a brand split and decided to combine the rosters and WWE superstars. It worked for a while. They even had splendid feuds that only culminated on one show or the other. Over time, WWE Raw took priority and the blue brand was sent to obscurity. They wanted to focus on their primetime show.

So, five-to-six years later, WWE officials decided to bring the brand split back. There was a draft, just like how it used to run, and both general managers got up to the podium and drafted WWE superstars to their respective brands. It was evident who the WWE wanted to lead each brand as the WWE Draft went on. AJ Styles was one of the first picks for Smackdown Live and hasn’t looked back. He’s arguably the best wrestler in the entire company.

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From promos to interactions backstage, Styles hits it out of the park every time. That doesn’t even include his in-ring wrestling ability. He has excellent match after excellent match. They are all with different WWE superstars as well, which just goes to show how versatile he is inside the squared circle. It’s not even like he’s catering to the Internet Wrestling Community each match, but Styles is acting as if he’s the most complete WWE superstar on that roster.

After a star-studded performance at No Mercy against Dean Ambrose and John Cena, Styles needs a new opponent for his WWE World championship. Cena is leaving to film his TV show and Ambrose is set to star in a movie. So, who’s next for the Phenomenal One? According to Ringside News, Dean Ambrose is still linked to the WWE World title heading into Survivor Series.

“Coming out of Sunday’s WWE No Mercy event, the plan is to have AJ Styles defend his WWE World championship title in a short-term feud against Dean Ambrose heading into Survivor Series.”

“John Cena is taking a hitatus from WWE to film the upcoming season of American Grit. The plan for Cena when he comes back is to challenge Styles for the Championship title, possibly the TLC event. WWE will play off the idea that Styles has defeated Cena three times in a row.”

This is a superb idea, even though men like the Miz deserve to be in the main event picture. Logically, it makes sense why it won’t work right now. Miz needs to wrestle Dolph Ziggler for the IC belt at their next show. After both of those men are done with each other, then Miz can focus on bigger things. It still has yet to be determined where Ziggler is going, but that’s another article for another time.

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While Cena and Ambrose are great ideas for AJ Styles, perhaps he needs to face someone new, while battling an old friend at the same time. Mauro Ranallo, Smackdown Live’s play-by-play man, wants Shinsuke Nakamura, the NXT champion, to feud with Styles upon his debut on the main roster. He was asked on Twitter who he wanted the Phenomenal One to face.

As Triple H said years ago, he could have a match with a broomstick and it would still be good. The same goes for the WWE World champion. Many WWE fans think he’s the best in the world at what he does in 2016. Since his debut at the Royal Rumble, his stock has only gotten higher and there’s nothing he can do to diminish it. Of course, the WWE Creative team is booking his very well and most importantly, Vince McMahon believes in him.

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